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Captain corellis mandolin.

One of the characters who we meet in the first chapter of the novel is Dr. Iannis. He stands out from the other people mentioned in it and strikes as being an interesting pers ... n, the way of thinking, the importance of his island's past for him.First of all, we find out about Iannis being a doctor. He is intellectual, well qualified for his job, seems to be a good specialist ... rator) uses: "aural orifice", "exorbitant auditory impediment", and "supererogatory occlusion". Dr. Iannis also chooses formal and detached language rather than a more conversational vocabulary: "impo ...

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Louis de Bernieres - Captain Corelli's Mandolin: How has Louis de Bernières in the first nine chapters made the reader intimately acquainted with Cephallonia, the people, and the way of life?

ough a variety of narrative techniques.The first few pages of the first chapter introduce us to Dr. Iannis, the local doctor, apparently the only doctor, who is an amalgamation of every kind of specia ... ustration at his failed attempts to write an objective view of 'The New History of Cephallonia' Dr. Iannis decides to change the title to a more appropriate 'A Personal History of Cephallonia.' As the ...

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