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Was Rome stronger during the republic or the empire? A question answered by looking at the governments of both of these eras of one of the greatest societies on earth.

re to administrate the government and head the Roman Army into battle. The possessed a thing called imperium, or the right to command. Another officer also held imperium in the Republic, the praetor. ...

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Discuss the view that consolidation rather than expansion was the prime objective of Roman foreign policy between 69 and 211 A.D.

ong-term expansion policies of any of the later emperors. Indeed, it was Augustus who envisaged an 'imperium sine fine', but it seems that after A.D 69 emperors did want to consolidate and bring the e ...

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Evaluate the Role of Pompey as a significant military leader during this period (78-31BC)

. The abnormality of this situation was further demonstrated when Pompey was granted pro-praetorian imperium in order to command the force. Moreover, Pompey was far below the requsite pro-praetorial a ... should raise an army in a time of national crisis was a complete innovation..." He was to hold the imperium granted by this command for the next two years. This was then used to his advantage in the ...

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The Execution- Short Story

e machinations had created civil war on two worlds and brought a third to direct secession from the Imperium, would walk around that corner. He would be unarmed, and unsuspecting. He would be riven of ...

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Why do we take risks

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