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Investigation into the Use of Short-Column Reversed-Phase LC in the Determination of log P Values 2.

nary phase of the capillary column as vapours or dissolved in solution. As the column is heated, an inert gas acting as the mobile phase is passed through the column. Each compound in the sample is ca ... rints of complex mixtures.TheoryThe GC consists of an injection block, a column, and a detector. An inert gas flows through the system. The injection chamber is a heated cavity which serves to volatil ...

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Gas Chromatography to determine contents

iquid chromagraphy which is used in this experiment, consists of two phases. The mobile phase is an inert gas (like helium, argon, or nitrogen) and the stationary phase is a liquid (either directly on ...

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(Description of Argon) ARGON

omic mass is 39.948.·Argon has 18 electrons, 18 protons, and 22 neutrons.·Argon is an inert gas and also one of the noble gases.·Argon is colorless, tasteless, and odorless.&middo ...

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