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Breaking News of Manulife Financial takeover of Boston- based insurer John Hancock was big news last week. The 15 billion dollar acquisition will vault the Canadi ... in the banking and insurance business. Also in 2002 Mr. D' Alessandro lost his spot as the largest insurer to Sun Life Financial when they bought Clarica.Evidence shows that about 60 percent of large ... latively low return on equity and as result are areas Manulife has tended to staying away from".The insurer's ROE is about 16 percent higher than some competitors. Manulife's high return was criticize ...

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A report into the collapse of HIH insurance

H accounts. 5List of references. 71. Introduction.On March 15 March 2001 Australia's second largest insurer, HIH collapsed with debts in excess of A$5billion. This report intends to discuss some of HI ... the company to Winterthur Swiss Insurance Co in a deal that also involved the acquisition of local insurer CIC (Main 2003). It was at this time that the company became known as Heath International Ho ...

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The operations and production management in an insurance company.

buying insurance from their own company or insured ones from buying shares of stock issued by their insurer. However, ownership of the company is completely independent from any contractual relationsh ... by-policy basis or on the basis of a whole block of policies. The reinsurance can cover the initial insurer for losses above a certain amount or can call for losses to be shared on a pro rata basis.Mi ...

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Proximity cause in Insurance.

for the insurance to make a claim, the cause of loss must be reasonably established, otherwise the insurer will not have a basis on which to pay the claim. In practice, making a claim is not such a s ...

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Insurance - The need of the hour

ose death or disablement a (life or accident) insurance becomes due" (Oxford English Dictionary).2. Insurer - "One who contracts, in consideration of the payment of a premium, to indemnify a person ag ... e company. Insurance Underwriter decides on the quantum of premium to be paid by the insured to the insurer for the risk exposure in insuring property/person.History of Insurance:-To proceed to detail ...

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Analysing The Recent Situation Of HIH

bmitted. It soon escalated into Australia¡¯s biggest corporate failure in June after the insurer¡¯s final tally of losses was estimated to be about $3 billion in Australia and al ... it escalated in September 2000 when it sold half of its personal insurance operations to the German insurer Allianz for $325 million, including the FAI brands. It clearly showed that the company was n ...

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Will Burt

, the company's vice president since 1978, took over as new CEO. Having lost the proceedings, their insurer paid the amount but refused to renew their coverage a year letter.With two more liability su ...

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Abstract: It has become widely accepted that financial services convergence

cial services convergence and the popularity of the Web will almost certainly create change for the insurer-agent relationship. It is the acceptance of that notion that led Answer Financial Inc., a li ... rs electronic bridges to new distribution.Full Text: Broker builds an e-commerce infrastructure for insurers to offer their wares, reports Virginia Kean.It's become widely accepted that financial serv ...

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The Characteristics of Group Insurance

teristic is the coverage of many persons under one contact. A master contract is formed between the insurer and the group policy owner for the benefit of the individual members. In most plans, the gro ... surability is usually not required. Group selection of risks is used, not individual selection. The insurer is concerned with the insurability of the group as a whole rather with the insurability of t ...

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Disparate Impact/Disparate Treatment

of contract and abuse of rights” (NSBA, 2005)The school board tendered the complaint to their insurer for defense and indemnity. The insurer declined to defend, asserting that the intentional ac ... ons in the complaint "support a garden variety breach of contract claim" (NSBA, 2005). Although the insurer had argued that the allegations were premised on "bad faith" by the school board, the court ...

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Loss Management/Insurance

ot be as risk-averse as they might otherwise be (since, the insured has transferred the risk to the insurer). Moral hazard is the prospect that a party insured against risk may behave differently from ... actions. Moral hazard is bad for businesses in two ways, firstly, costs will be passed on from the insurers, raising premiums (How long can a company rightly sustain those costs?) and secondly, it sh ...

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