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"A Farewell to Arms" by Earnest Hemmingway.

e first, we meet most of the main characters. The first is the narrator, an American officer in the Italian army who drives ambulances. His full name is mentioned once throughout the entire book, and ... rator is picked out to be questioned, and explains his situation thusly:I was obviously a German in Italian uniform. I saw how their minds worked; if they had minds and if they worked. They were all y ...

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"Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway which gives brief bio on Ernest Hemingway, a description on the book and some symbolism in the story.

d before the United States entered the First World War, he joined a volunteer ambulance unit in the Italian army. Serving at the front, he was wounded, and was awarded a metal by the Italian Governmen ...

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A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway?s novel A Farewell to Arms is the tale of a young American man who joins the Italian army for the rush; he later finds love and ends up regretting it all. The American Fredric H ...

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Letter to christopher columbus

ugh the heart of Florence to get to the fort, I thought that it was a good defensive idea. Also the Italian army could get to the Arno River in ships and shoot canons at the invaders. The fort is conn ...

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Erwin Rommel Bio.

n the woods. But his first great strategic triumph is the disastrous defeat he helps inflict on the Italian Army at Caporetto in which he captures 150 Italian officers, 9,000 soldiers, and 81 guns. Ca ...

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s during World War I. Before the US entered the war, Hemingway worked as an ambulance drive for the Italian army. His novel A Farewell to Arms, often called his most important novel about World War I, ...

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A Farewell to Arms

ove story of a nurse and a war ridden soldier. The storystarts as Frederick Henry is serving in the Italian Army. He meets hisfuture love in the hospital, that he gets put in for various reasons. Itho ... to happen. Anotherone of the symbolisms in A Farewell to Arms is when Henry tries toEscape from the Italian army by jumping off one of the ships the armywas traveling on and running away from the army ...

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"Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway: Who is the more admirable character - Frederic Henry or Catherine Barkley?

rst World War, narrated by the main character, Frederic Henry, an American ambulance driver for the Italian army. Between Frederic and his love companion Catherine Barkley, the reader observes the per ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte

grapeshot, a shot gun version of a cannon, into the crowd. Napoleon was then made commander of the Italian army and won four straight battles against the Austrians. In 1797, Austria surrendered to F ...

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Farewell To Arms

learn and handle your life experiences. In Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms, Frederic Henry an Italian army ambulance driver, and Catherine Barkley an Italian army nurse both embark on the journe ... , that desperately seeks the love and attention of Catherine. No longer is Frederic a member of the Italian army. He has now became a fugitive who is only seeking the love of his life. Within t ...

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A Farewell To Arms

, was studying in Italy. Just as war broke out, Henry volunteered to be an ambulance driver for the Italian army, and was sent to the northern Alps, to fight against Austria. The novel's first appeara ...

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The Italian Invasion of Abyssinia

Why did Italy invade Abyssinia?In 1896 Italian troops had tried to invade Abyssinia but had been defeated by the African tribesmen. This ha ... ght that Abyssinia was the perfect place.What happened?In December 1934 there was a dispute between Italian and Ethiopian soldiers at the Wal-Wal oasis (80 km inside Abyssinia). Mussolini took his cha ... l-Wal oasis (80 km inside Abyssinia). Mussolini took his chance and he claimed that it was actually Italian territory. He demanded an apology and he began preparing the Italian army for an invasion of ...

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A Farewell To Arms - Internal Conflict

, has nothing to do with the actual war. He must ultimately decide to follow his obligations to the Italian army or to follow his love for Catherine Barkley, both of which cause Frederick Henry great ...

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rtillery unit during the war with Austria. Finally in 1795 , Napoleon had become a General for the Italian Army , and due to the lack of leadership and the idiocy of the French Directory and the Con ... nch Directory and the Consul. After defeating the Austrians in the south, Napoleon started on the Italian Campaign, and by 1797 he had taken Mantua and had control of all of Lombardy . After taki ...

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The Life of Benito Mussolini

nning of the Fascist Movement (Dalzell, 2008).September 1915, Benito Mussolini was drafted into the Italian army, where he later was injured by an exploding grenade during training. He was honorably d ... e this dictator position, so in 1919, Mussolini began to lead a fascist movement referred to as the Italian Combat Fascists. He put together a militia and used them to destroy his enemies. He soon sec ...

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