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Health and Nutrition. This essay is a paper mainly used for a health class. It talks about how to take care of yourself by excercising and eating right.

o keep up with everyone else. This means that you would not be panting extremely hard after a small jog, or even just walking up a few flights of stairs. Other people probably find it very pathetic if ... sitting there.An activity that you can do to keep your heart, arteries, and veins in shape is to go jogging. This gets your heart pumping more blood than usual, so this means that it is working harder ...

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This writing is a fiction story about a girl trying to get through middle school.

ing it to the refs."Maggie get over here!" coach yells during the other team's freethrows. Slowly I jog over tho the bench where the rest of my teammates are."Yes coach?""You are looking very sluggish ...

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Personal/creative writing, TOPIC: my mother was right

lk along the deserted road toward the tram stop. The distant rattle of a tram reaches my ears and I jog to the corner just as my tram hurtles by, completely ignoring my stop. Letting out a sigh I trud ...

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its way into the hoop, with 6 seconds left and the clock stopped, the other team calls a timeout. I jog to our bench, my coach waiting on the sideline to discuss the most effective play for the situat ...

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Marching Backwards in Americana.

re they become famous artists, that is. Where so many of us find it too difficult to take a walk or jog outside--but will spend hours searching for the remote control. Yes, this is Americana."Live Fre ...

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A Good Descriptive Hunting Essay.

aced the gun on my back and felt relived to not be on the look out for once. I began to do a slight jog. Fresh, crisp air began to fill my lungs, something that came to a nice surprise to my worn musc ...

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Sports and healthy way of life.

important in our life. It is popular among young and old people. Many people do morning exercises, jog in the morning, train themselves in clubs, in different sections and take part in sport competit ...

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Australian Identity in literature, Book: Paul Hogan, "Son of Oz", James Oram

han 'The son of Oz' PAUL HOGAN.If by any crazy chance you don't know whom I am referring this might jog your memory.- Throw another shrimp on the Barbie- That's not a knife this is a knifeWhen foreign ...

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Prievoliu teise

69;iau kalbėdami apie juridinę prievolės prigimtį turėtumėm pasakyti, jog tai yra civilinių teisinių santykių rūshis.Ish to sprend iant,mes suprantame ... asmenys.Tačiau tokių sąvokų mes negalime sutapatinti.Galime drąsiai teigti,jog kiekvienas pilietis yra asmuo,tačiau ne kiekvienas fizinis asmuo yra pilietis.Jų teisi ...

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Persuasive Essay: Joining Wrestling Team

body fat percentage, and must be lean and muscular. A wrestling practice can start with a six mile jog followed by a thirty minute session of running up stairs, and carrying people on their backs. Af ...

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A Vignette: Tick, Tock, Boom!

ew streets to go before I reached my hotel. I pulled my hood over my matted brown hair and tried to jog down the crowded sidewalk. However, I soon found it impossible to go faster than a walk because ...

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Sample of designing your own Fitness Circuit aimed at Basketball

.Components of fitness:-Speed-Agility-Balance-Co-ordinationEquipments needed: a ballStation 3:Name: JoggingDescriptions: Jog around the courtComponents of Fitness:-Strength-C.V endurance-MuscleStation ...

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Expertise Paper

and I make it to the bottom of the staircase without a sound. Out the kitchen door I go at a quick jog, heading down the street to the park. Before I know it a couple of hours have passed and it's ge ...

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