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Down's syndrome - cause, description, and management

features of the condition was found in Aacchen, Germany, painted in about 1505.Then only in 1866 Dr John Langdon Down (1828-1896), an English doctor working in Surrey, first described the characterist ...

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Down Syndrome

g. Services, however, are being provided to educate and help children with this disability.In 1866, John Langdon Down wrote an essay describing a particular group of children that had similar features ...

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Down syndrom

word syndrome means a collection of signs or characteristics. The name Down comes from the doctor, John Langdon Down, who first described the condition in 1866. There are more differences between peo ...

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Down syndrome

In 1866, an Englishman, named John Langdon Down, published the first clinical description of the condition that is now called Down ...

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Down Syndrome

ient art of people with trisomy 21 being part of the human race for thousands of years. In 1866 Dr. John Langdon Down, director of an asylum in Surrey, England, was the first to notice and describe th ...

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