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Juvenile Crime

er groups, and media violence. Especially the demise of family life, the effect of the media on the juveniles today, and the increase of firearms available today have played a big role in the increase ... demise of the family life and the increase in family violence. Between 1976 and 1992 the number of juveniles living in poverty grew 42% and this caused an increase in crimes by juveniles. Many of the ...

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How gangs are portrayed in the media

e a lesser chance that they would rat on the main dealer and they would get a lesser punishment, as juveniles. In the movie they always show you the parts of the gangs running from the police or doing ...

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Essay discusses basic solutions for juvenile offenders, where they should be placed and what should be done.

Jails were one of the first facilities around to house juveniles. Many attempts have been made to improve these jails and also many different forms of jail ...

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Children who own the streets. Speaks of violent condition that surrounds the lives of children in America

tcondition that surrounds the lives of children in America. We are awarded of the violenceamong our juveniles because we read, hear and see it. The newspapers, magazines, news media, and our neighborh ... reet violence and other aspects of the turbulent lives of young people. Yet, the problem facing our juveniles will not be solved over night. But that's not a reason enough to ignore the problem. It wi ...

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"Crime prevention for children"-has lots of stats,talks about gang affiliaton, drug use, etc. This essay goes through the juvinile court system, and punishments, also explores where "devience" starts.

ildren growing up thinking guns are okay. "over the ten year period from 1987 to 1997, homicides of juveniles ages 15-17 were more likely to involve a fire arm than were homicides of adults." So with ...

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Too Young?

omizing a cow. Threehundred and fifty years later, sixteen states have legitimized the execution of juveniles.Four of those twelve states have lowered the legal age of execution to twelve. Forwhatever ... lty as the ultimate solution to crime. The socialrepercussions of enforcing the state executions of juveniles far outweigh any of the benefitsthat may be gained.The cry for the death penalty is most l ...

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An arguement that children that commit murder and other violent crimes should be tried as adults in court

in ahigh security prison with others, regardless of their age, that commit the same type of crime. Juveniles that commit violent crimes are able to make their own decisions. Young criminals know that ... t be handcuffed or put with adult criminals. These facts prove that it is absurd that these violent juveniles are not getting the punishment that they deserve. In conclusion, if you do not want tobe a ...

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Killing Our this essay is about juvenile capital punishment. It explains why capital punishment for juveniles should be abolished.

ehabilitate from a single moment?s choice; they are simply given the needle. Capital punishment for juveniles is wrong, and needs to be abolished.Kids in the nation every year are being sentenced in 2 ... while they were still minors. 361 people have been killed for crimes they committed while they were juveniles (Cothern). In the state of Texas alone 450 people are currently sentenced to death and are ...

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Crime and Justice in American History- (significant court cases and laws that help or discourage the rights of criminals)

birth. Millions of women in the American prison system are beaten and raped each day. Thousands of juveniles are forced to labor and are separated from their families. Countless racial minorities con ...

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Juvenile laws a collective of 4 essays in one.

Substance abuse concerning juveniles go through problems because juveniles are naive and very easy to trap into becoming users. ... skills and opportunities do not exist because they lack a healthy lifestyle.To this day drug use by juveniles has been a long term problem with no solution. A plan of action must be taken to slow down ... ing about the children as a whole and taking community involvement serious. This could help prepare juveniles to become responsibly for their behavior. Sarah's brother Don spoke of these issues. " 'Yo ...

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The Death Penalty and Juveniles.

The Death Penalty and JuvenilesThe death penalty is an extremely heated debate, and many people are very emotional when ta ... ted than the debate of the conventional use of the death penalty is the use of the death penalty on juveniles. Many think that juveniles possess the mental capacity to knowingly commit a crime and kno ... quences of the crime. Then there are the few that think that the legal system needs to take pity on juveniles because they are too young to understand the consequences. Juveniles should not be spared ...

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Poverty and a Lack of Education are Fueling Juvenile Crime A 6 page essay arguing that juvenile crime is directly related to poverty and poor education.

ost.The two factors which come most readily to mind are the extremes of poverty and poor education. Juveniles from poor communities are not even interested in becoming educated because there are not a ... ducated because there are not any decent paying jobs for them anyway. By not going to school, these juveniles are not are not developing the proper mental framework with which they can make good choic ...

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Getting Away With Murder

shment than adults for similar crimes. Age should not be a factor in punishment for violent crimes; juveniles and adults alike should be held accountable under the law.Under United States law, everyon ... d States seeks to take more aggressive measures toward youth crime. The proposition will allow more juveniles to be tried as adults and receive the same punishments ("Throwing the Book at Kids").It is ...

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Juvenile Death Penalty.

Psychology 101Should Juveniles Receive The Death Penalty?I feel the death penalty is appropriate for juveniles in certain ... urder and brutal crimes that are considered capital offenses. There have been several laws made for juveniles regarding the age they could be tried as adults in capital cases. These laws were made bec ... adult committed a horrific crime and knew what he or she was doing when the crime took place. These juveniles perform the same cruel acts as adult capital offenders. They need to be punished for their ...

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Does Diversion work in Juvenile Justice, or is just another exercise in net-widening?

juvenile justice system, The Young Offenders ACT 1997 is in fact widening the net.THE PROBLEM WITH JUVENILESThe image popularised by police and reflected by the media is of "an explosion of juvenile ...

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How juveniles should be tried as adults.

charged as an adult under state law.I believe that in cases of felonies such as murder committed by juveniles over the age of reason, as defined in their state, those accused should be tried as adults ... ng. Many states overlook the age of reason and approve Proposition 21. Proposition 21 mandates that juveniles under 18 be tried as adults for serious crimes and serve longer sentences as befits those ...

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What was the social and historical context in which the juvenile court was created?

, make it uncertain whether the traditional juvenile court will prevail. Early in the 19th century, juveniles were tried along with adults in criminal courts. In common law, children under age 7 were ... n were sometimes sentenced to prison and occasionally to death. The first institution expressly for juveniles, the House of Refuge, was founded in New York City in 1824 so that institutionalized delin ...

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The pros and cons of DNA profiling.

it to be error-free? Should all incarcerated criminals be forced to give samples? Should convicted juveniles? Should the general public be required to give a DNA sample?The pros of DNA profiling ... kept on file so should your DNA if you are a convicted criminal. I also feel the same for convicted juveniles, if you commit a crime and are convicted you should have DNA samples taken , because who's ...

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Juvenile justice system should be abolish it? Chins' and child care what should we do?

seems that the get tough approach should reduce juvenile crime: More severe penalties should deter juveniles from committing crime, and those chronic offenders who are not deterred can be locked away ... e impact of these get-tough strategies has been overstated.These strategies often fail to deter the juveniles who are punished. By taking away the Juvenile justice system, it would mean that even chil ...

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Persuasive essay about why the juvenille justice system isn't harsh enough.

The Juvenile Justice System is not harsh enough...Did you know that juveniles accounted for almost half the arrests for serious crimes in the United States in 1974 and ... statistics directly from the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Statistics show that juveniles are not learning from their mistakes because nothing horrific happens to them. They show t ... rimes at this time turn out to be the adults in prison for life. More disturbingly, statistics show juveniles are rarely ever completely rehabilitated, which is the number one goal of the Juvenile Jus ...

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