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Discuss the xylem and phloem. (Structure, Changes in the Xylem of Woody Plants, Transport)

ell walls that cover the cell almost completely. Secondary thickenings are made up of cellulose and lignin. Lignin is a tough organic compound that makes wood strong and dense. When the cell walls of ...

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Dietary fibre

des non-digestible polysaccharides such as cellulose, hemi-celluloses, gums, pectins, mucilages and lignin. From a nutrition point of view, some authorities also include 'resistant starch' (i.e. starc ... ential to the cellular structure of plants, insoluble fibres include cellulose, hemi-celluloses and lignin. They do not dissolve in water. Soluble fibres include pectin, gums, mucilages and algal poly ...

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Vekst og utvikling hos planter

ørke, mekansik skade, angrep.Luft- og vanntett med korkstoff.Ved: vedrør satt inn med Lignin, hindrer råteNæringsstoffer for plantevekst•sollys•jord med mineraler&b ...

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