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The Changing Face of Public Housing. HUD's HOPE VI Program.

in the National Housing Conference declared these projects a success, asserting that they had given low-income families their first opportunity to live in a decent, healthy environment. And the benefi ... ojects. First, public housing has come to be dominated by, as well as to encourage the formation of low-income single-parent households, with all the social problems 'that such families bring. At the ...

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Dental health & access to dental health.

perts estimate that as many as 42 million Americans have no insurance coverage for dental care, and low-income families that have some type of health insurance still find it difficult to obtain qualit ... chronic halitosis (bad breath). These last two conditions can additionally cause embarrassment and low self-esteem, make a person less apt to socialize; and more apt to stay isolated - and, in genera ...

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Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work

lass and education. i attended an elementary school in North Philadelphia with children from mostly low income families. I attended secondary school in an affluent upper middle class community. There ... ge preparation, rather than vacational training. In the inner city, unfortunately, expectations are lower for students. Right now, many schools in Philadelphia don't even have enough books for each st ...

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"Losing Ground" A paper on financial aid then and financail aid now.

"Losing Ground" Many students cannot enroll in college due to the rising tuition. Low-income families are struggling to afford the school they want or need to go to. Financial aid is ... to the increase in tuition for colleges and universities, more and more students cannot enroll. The low-income families are struggling to afford the rising costs of college. "In 1980, tuition at publi ... of college. "In 1980, tuition at public colleges and universities represented 13% of income for the lowest-income families. In 2000, tuition of these colleges and universities equaled 25% of their inc ...

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Welfare Reform in Florida

ersonal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act (PRWORA) of 1996 changed federal welfare policy for low-income families with children, building upon and expanding state -level reforms. It gave states ... te above 50 percent. Outside of these provisions for month exemptions, Florida's program does not allow any extension of the 48 month time limit. By placing a family cap on benefits, WAGES aims to enc ...

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The value of a college education

ill accumulate thousands of dollars in debt and decide to skip college. This is especially true for low income families who do not need the burden of college tuition and other fees. People look at an ... s then passed on to their offspring and studies have show people in these educational brackets have lower mortality rates. Workers with more than a high school diploma are also less likely to experien ...

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ldren from middle-class families generally are more successful in public schools than children from low-income families. Is the school system responsible for this problem, or is lower performance amon ... of middle-class children. The middle-class teacher may not be able to communicate as well with the lower-class student as she could with a middle class student. A poor minority student may have troub ...

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Low income and education

This essay will consider if children from low income families are disadvantaged in the education system. It will examine if there is a direct ... isadvantaged in the education system. It will examine if there is a direct link between poverty and low educational attainment. As far back as 1959 the Crowther Report identified a link between low in ... 59 the Crowther Report identified a link between low incomes and low attainment levels. This was followed in 1963 by the Newsom report that found many secondary modern schools were deficient and argue ...

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A problem we face today

National School Lunch ProgramThe problem is that some students from low-income families sometimes go hungry. Children are affected because if they have not eaten a well ... profit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day.Income Eligibility Guidelines are used by schoo ... could eat. We live in a land of plenty but we are steady going downhill.There are guidelines to follow to be eligible to receive free or reduced lunches.The federal government states that children ar ...

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Cities, The Hub Of American Culture

the world in which they live. The city evolved into the hub of high culture in America. The low-income residents were affected the hardest by the unprecedented urban growth. During earlier tim ... l War made this practice unprofitable so speculators began building housing especially designed for low-income families of the inner cities. In New York's Eleventh Ward an estimated 986 people occupie ...

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Environmental forecast

eighborly Care Network must be able to put into place some well thought out programs to include the low income families (Strategic Planning, 2004).How will Neighborly Care Network implement a plan to ... rowth, 2000). Neighborly Care must first identify what the customer is unhappy about, is the care below their satisfaction, did the company not respond in a satisfactory time frame if this is the case ...

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Tax Burden

y, Tennessee is considered to be one of the poverty field states in America where quite a number of low-income families. They already have to pay for rents, insurance, utilities, etc and now they'd ha ... cause, this is what democracy is about.College students also have the same problem when compared to low-income families. Lucky students are taken care of by their parents, but what about the independe ...

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Adolescent Pregnancy

is still a major priority. Hundreds of children are having intercourse unprotected, especially from lower economic family backgrounds. Single adolescent mothers with dependant children have the highes ... of public assistance or child support. Welfare is a federal government program that gives money to low income families who cannot financially support their children or themselves. (McRae, 26 April 20 ...

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Discourse Analysis

(2000) claim that class characteristics and financial support for Monash student's from moderate to low income families will find it increasingly more difficult in obtaining university places.The auth ... e points need further investigation such as the use of ranking post codes to identify students from low socio-economic back grounds. Many suburbs or postcode areas have different socio-economics areas ...

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Nine Months To A Healthy Baby

. The development and health of the fetus is ultimately the responsibility of the mother. In the following essay, I will examine the impact that nutrition, use of alcohol/drugs and physical activity m ... others often have birth defects or die. Research indicates that, ?fetus malnutrition cases occur in low-income families? (Zenkind, and Ramsey, 1981). Many families struggle to put food on the table. I ...

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Teen Pregnancy

o down. Welfare is also huge for the United States. Taxes are raised to support homes. Studies that low income families have more teen pregnancies. Forty percent of teen mothers go back to school afte ...

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Pros and Cons of Inner City School Vouchers

ucher programs, but many have at least one private organization that provides tuition assistance to low-income students interested in a private or parochial school education. In Virginia there is the ... from outside organizations and redistributes the money in the form of vouchers that are meant to allow for low income families to send their kids to private schools, or to go to a better public schoo ...

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Health Insurance in America

mportance of health care equality up with that of education and state taxes.A longstanding issue in low income health care has been the growing financial debt, especially in regards to prescription dr ... t containment measures to alleviate such problems, but in turn have also made it more difficult for low income families to acquire necessary medications, containment measures such as: First, establish ...

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Dominican Republic Cafta Agreement

om its “tax free” products, but the Dominican consumers will be able to buy products at a lower price, as a result of the increased competition in the retail market. This will help the Domin ... il market. This will help the Dominican Republic set up a more competitive retail business and thus low-income families will be able to use their money more efficiently. The DR-CAFTA comes to the Domi ...

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The Kyoto Treaty with endnotes and bibliography

would most likely be spending a lot more on the energy that would be used, which in turn would hurt low income families who do not have the means for such expense. Also the effects of the treaty would ... astrophic consequences. Some of these consequences would include but are not limited to flooding of low-lying areas, droughts and more severe weather that could cause food shortages and the displaceme ...

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