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Understanding One's Culture

oined this country's indigenous inhabitants. These days, American Samoa is said that it would be a "melting ice " where diverse cultures would mingle and lose their distinctness as they came together, ... ere, they have never "melted". Some have been strengthen in their distinctiveness.So, instead of a "melting ice ", we could see American Samoa as a kind of tile mosaic. On its useful surface, the brig ...

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The Ozone Layer

sing various diseases including but definitly not limited melenoma. A hole above the south pole are melting ice and causing water levels to rise which will eventually, if not stopped, cause flooding. ...

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The Arctic Zone

the Arctic and its effect of people, animals,the earth and the sea.What is happening?The Arctic is melting. Scientist discovered melting ice in places such asthe Arctic and Greenland long ago. A four ... ees Celsius) over the next hundred years(Handwerk, 2004, p.1.).The temperatures are likely to cause melting of at least half of the ArcticSea's ice by the end of the century. A significant portion of ...

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Warming Disasters

to melt the polar ice caps. With less ice to reflect the infrared rays the water absorbs more heat. Melting ice is also the reason sea level is rising. This rise is a threat to shoreline cities around ...

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Global Warming

other serious effect is the rise in sea level, because of all the additional water flowing from the melting ice in the Arctic and parts of the Antarctic. Eventually lands and cities along coasts may b ...

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Satellite Data of Melting Arctic

The Arctic Circle is melting at the rate of twice as fast as the global rate due to global warming. The effect of the Arc ... rming rate than for the rest of the world. The picture on the next page shows the difference in the melting of ice from the year 1979 to 2003. Over nine percent shrunk in those twenty-four years. The ... orological Satellite Program's F8, F11, and F13 satellites.The data shows a continues effect on the melting of the Artic Circle. Soon there will be no circle any more. Less ice means more open water t ...

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The Worldwide Phenomenon

loss of many species as well as their environments, climate and unusual weather changes, along with melting ice together with warming oceans on the planet. Considering the various negative phenomenon ... hanging, thus global warming is present.With the oceans becoming warmer and the Earth's ice sources melting, causing much of the climate change, it is apparent that global warming is a threat to our w ...

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