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Gun Control?

r it. One way of preventing this from happening is to do one of Wilson's solution, perfect a metal detector that police officers could carry around with them. This would stop the unlawful, hara ... he police officers could just aim the detector at the individual and tell if they had a big hunk of metal in their pocket. If they detected enough metal on someone, then that gives them reasonable sus ...

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How has American security in the airports changed since 9/11? (ARMED WITH ONLY A NEUTRAL LIPSTICK-article used)

s searched at two airports because she was suspected of having something dangerous just because the metal detector went off. There have been many similar situations just like the one Anna Quindlen had ... s.The article also mentions a congressman who also got pulled from the line by security because the metal detectors went off. The congressman was not a terrorist and he did not have dangerous equipmen ...

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Metal Detectors: Justifying School Safety

Metal Detectors: Justifying School SafetyHow much is your child's safety worth? Are you willing to p ... that has been around, yet a new idea is helping pave the future on student safety in schools. It is metal detectors. This new idea has caused controversy all over the world. Schools around the United ... new idea has caused controversy all over the world. Schools around the United States have turned to metal detectors for their solution. I feel that metal detectors are a small price to pay when this m ...

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This is a letter to the editor of a newspaper. It argues about ex-offenders getting a second chance at work. ;-) Enjoy!

on a lot of really nice flights, but before you go onto the plane though, you have to go through a metal detector. When you walk through, you will flagged, and not allowed onto the plane. This happen ... ou try to board. You have to resort to getting a flight that is not so nice because they don't have metal detectors. They are lower in quality. So the handicap in this situation is that you are a very ...

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This a persusasive paper for stricter gun control laws. This essay also includes an outline and bibliography.

son they meet is not their teacher, principal, or librarian, but, rather the guard who monitors the metal detector at the entrance at their school. The guard is searching for weapons - principally gun ... for weapons - principally guns - that stdunets may be illegally carrying them.The idea of placing a metal detector at a school entrance is a strange thought for many parents to accept. They remember t ...

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Court System Observation

ut once there everything went smoothly. When first going into the courthouse I was told to take off metal objects from my body and to take off my shoes because they had metal hoops on them. I Went a t ...

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Marketing Management: Marketing Plan Formulations.

Executive Summary.Metal Detector is placed to provide food, pharmaceutical, clothing and footwear producers with resou ... with resources needed to minimize the threat of harmful product contamination posed by fragments of metal. The market for this kind of machine is increasing recent years in China due to product safety ... y providing optimum solutions & prompt service" by GB "Group CEO".Current Marketing SituationAs metal detector market rapidly grew in China .there are new needs emerging that are unmet by existing ...

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Violence In Schools

guns around schools today are getting caught and having them taken away. Since schools have gotten metal detectors and scanners, they have cut down the rate of having handguns in schools by nearly 58 ... in schools by nearly 58%(Glazer 5). Security experts have reported that there is no evidence that a metal detector will solve the problem of violence in schools, even though it offers a highly-visible ...

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Government Policy And Order

s results has been the issue of airport security. Previously, boarding a plane meet going through a metal detector at the airport and being checked of any illegal weapon possessions or so forth. Howev ...

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Airport Security

ed through a back to back line that leads to the screening area. Here, there are high tech bomb and metal detectors. In this line you are asked to take out every piece of metal, jewelry, or any other ... n bomb dogs roaming around sniffing out people's bags that are not checked. As you pass through the metal detectors you are gladly on your way to the airplane. When you look back, you expect to see yo ...

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Does Your Social Class Determine Your Future?

senger-profiling systems, bomb sniffing dogs, bag matching, manual bag searches, x-ray machines and metal detectors. Now that these measures have been implemented, the question is, will these procedur ... I reach my destination. Now lets take a look at the last two security measures, x-ray machines and metal detectors.X-ray machines have been in use for screening carry on luggage for some time now. Bu ...

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Juvenile Delinquency

. It was about 10:30 in the morning when I entered the building. Upon entering I was sent through a metal detector, for security purposes. I had a bottle opener in my keychain and I was asked to remov ... er. He handed me a piece of paper and told me that I should show it to the officer in charge of the metal detector area and he would give me back my bottle opener. I asked the security guard right aft ...

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measures that need to be taken to make sure that everyone is safe. Even if a church could put out a metal detector or have security guards, that would make a church-a place of peace and safety-a place ... with Physical security. They could make sure to install alarms and maybe even find a way to hide a metal detector in a door way. If they can't do that then they need to think about getting cameras on ...

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