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Guantanamo Bay in Regards to The U.S. Constitution

rtain treaties did not apply in Guantanamo.2 Finally in September of 2005, the court ruled that the Military Commissions act of 2006 "barred federal courts from hearing the Habeas Corpus petitions by ... kenly deprive innocent people of their liberty. Habeas Corpus provides that process".4 Although the Military Commissions Act allows detainees to go under trial in front of a Combatant Status Review Tr ...

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Habeas Corpus and War

wartime.In recent years another case occurred when President Bush suspended habeas corpus with the Military Commissions Act 2006 ("Habeas corpus: A," 2007). Much like when Lincoln suspended the writ, ... e men were arrested in Afghanistan and were held for almost six years without charges or trial. The Military Commissions Act by Bush denied the right of habeas corpus to "alien prisoners" but detainee ...

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