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The Ways We Use The English Language. The various ways in which Americans us the English Language

ions, an English book widely used, and the paperback, 100 Best Loved Poems.While reading the essay 'Muddle in a Puddle,' some very colorful images came tomy mind about what I have done in my life that ... . Americans are just plain sloppy andlazy.These two pieces,'I led the Peigeons to the Flag,' and 'A Muddle in a Puddle' areboth tightly coorelated, yet both are different in some ways. 'Muddle' focuse ...

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Review of Musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

, or when everybody is yearning for "someone to care for, someone to be near to, someone to do for, muddle through for".It's a very exciting an adventure, and it's a combination of a lot of tunes, the ...

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