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The change of resistance through various lengths of wire.

eriment reliable I must use the same material through out the experiment otherwise (I will be using nichrome wire as my material).TRIAL RUNI am going to do a trial run because I want to decide on a ci ... .Here is the circuit which I have designed for my experiment, it will measure the resistance of the nichrome wire:The bulbs brightness will become weaker with more wire.CurrentMax Min20cm 1.02A 0.10A0 ...

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Investigating how the resistance of a wire Changes with length

this experiment I used...*Ammeter*Voltmeter*Wires (with crocodile clips.)*Battery Pack*Meter stick*Nichrome WireThis diagram of the experiment.VariablesThis particular experiment consists of changing ... the required equipment ammeter, voltmeter, wires (with crocodile clips), battery pack, meter stick, Nichrome wire. We set the up in the circuit and began the experiment. The meter stick had the wire r ...

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Physics Investigating Resistance in a Wire

there will be less collisions.For the experiment will use the two crocodile clips, a reel of 32 SWG nichrome wire and a multimeter set to the ohmmeter. After conducting a preliminary experiment I have ...

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Factors affecting the resistance of a wire

GTH OF WIRE2. THICKNESS OF WIRE3. TEMPERATURE4. TYPE OF METALAIM:To investigate how the length of a Nichrome wire can affect the resistance of a wirePREDICTION:In my opinion the longer the wire the mo ... and friction will occur.VARIABLE FACTORS:The factors that I am going to vary are the length of the Nichrome wire and adjust the variable resistor to take 3 readings.The factors that I am going to kee ...

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Restistance of Nichrome wire

Investigating the resistance of Nichrome wire.AimIn this investigation, I am going to be invstigating how the length of Nichrome wir ... , this show that my prediction may be right.ApparatusBelow are the apparatus that I will be using:1)Nichrome Wire2)Cell: Power supply3)Variable Resistor: To fine tune the voltage4)Voltmeter: To measur ... would be a fair test and to make sure everything is in working order.MethodI will use one metre of Nichrome wire so that I may experiment with different lengths of wire, first I will need a Cell and ...

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The progression of the toaster and why it progressed

never produced but the patent application was submitted for an enclosed toaster with the new alloy Nichrome used as the heating element.In July 1909, Frank Shailor of General Electric invented the D- ...

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Working of Electric Filament Heaters:

appliance.Inside each of the appliances are loops of special mixture of metals. One type is called nichrome . Nichrome wire is an alloy of nickel and chromium. It has two features that make it a good ... e wire is an alloy of nickel and chromium. It has two features that make it a good producer of heat:Nichrome wire has a fairly high electrical resistance compared to something like copper wire, so eve ...

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Lab: latent heat of vaporisation.

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Lab Report: Flame Test

etallic ions.Materials:Safety glasses10 test tubesTest tube rackPaperPencil50 mL beakerBunsen burnerNichrome wireBarium NitrateCopper NitrateStrontium NitrateLithium NitratePotassium NitrateSodium Chl ... ach solution into each test tube, and 10 mL of Hydrochloric Acid into the 50 mL beaker.3. Clean the Nichrome wire before each test. To do this, rinse it with distilled water from the wash bottle, dip ...

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To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire.

tigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire.In this experiment I will be using a metal nichrome wire to show the resistance when the length and width is changed.VariablesVariables that I ... ables that I am going to keep the same. Variables that I am going to change.Width- 0.36mm2Material- Nichrome wireVoltage- 2VTemperature- Room TemperatureLength- 10cm, 20 cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cmMaterial- ...

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Resistance of a wire

easily pass through a piece of copper connecting wire. It does not pass trough as easily in a thin nichrome wire of an electric fire element. This wire has much more resistance. Energy has to be spen ... ires have more resistance than the short wires.- Thin wires have more resistance than thick wires.- Nichrome wire has more resistance than copper wire of the same size.Resistance is calculated using t ...

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Preliminary test - how different wire of different materials affect the resistance

easier to pass through some materials than others. In this experiment I am going to use copper and nichrome wire. I predict that the nichrome wire will have a higher resistance than the copper wire. ... because I know that the electrons have to squeeze together more in order to be able to pass through nichrome wire than they do in order to pass through copper wire. (The more the electrons bump togeth ...

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The Bunsen Burner Lab

d be the same but have little different reaction, typically having the same characteristics. If the Nichrome wire is passes through both types of flames, it will indicate the amount of heat given off ... e matchstick will not burn.MATERIAL:1.Safety goggles2.Bunsen burner w/rubber tubing3.Flint lighter4.Nichrome wire5.Matchstick6.T- PinLAB SETUP:PROCEDURE:1.Come into the class and get ready for the lab ...

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What is an alloy?

ts of 55% iron, 28% nickel, 12% aluminium, and 5% cobalt, are used as magnets.Other alloys, such as Nichrome, a nickel based alloy with 12-15% chromium and 25% iron, are very strong at high temperatur ...

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