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Paralangue and Kinesics

Use of Paralanguage and KinesicsThe use of kinesics and paralanguage in everyday life is the mostprominent ... sion if you do something that may seem harmless to youbut may be a great insult to another culture. Paralanguage has many formssuch as whistling which can be used by many people as a means ofentertain ... used to depict kinesics. In ways that body language works in nonverbal acts,body language parallels paralanguage. Kinesic acts may substitute forlanguage, accompany it, or modify it. Kinesic acts may ...

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Language, Gender, and Internet Discussion Lists

ow you talk" (Crystal, 25). Other areas of significance to CMC are kinesics/proxemics (36), prosody/paralanguage (35), amount of information in a message (144), and closings (143). Research into male/ ... o identify the gender of a CMC author by the language and style of the post mentioned above.Results:Paralanguage:When looking at many of the study of language and gender, I found that many could not b ...

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My Visit to China: Verbal and Non-Verbal communication.

ommunication which relates to communication without the use of words (for example body language and Paralanguage. It was found that after all aspects of Verbal and Non-Verbal communication was conside ... ion can be divided into the following categories:* Body Language (Kinesics)* Vocal Qualities (paralanguage)* Space and objectsBody Language (kinesics)Posture:In order to ensure an e ...

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How Understanding of Non-verbal Communication Makes Business Communication Effective

haviour as the various meanings communicated through body movements seem endless across cultures.2.6PARALANGUAGE: From Latin word "Para" meaning "beside" is a form of non-verbal communication that mak ... n-verbal communication that makes use of the voice. It is related both to speech and body language. Paralanguage is vocal but non verbal: it uses the voice to modulate, supplement or replace words. Pa ...

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Body Language

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