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Describing society using three films, Requiem for a dream, fight club, and American Psycho as examples.

ld look to be accepted and be popular.American Psycho, illustrated some valid points on image also, Patrick Bateman is obsessed with his image. Like Sara, he wants to be in perfect shape because every ... in perfect shape because everyone else is and this is how he thinks he should appear to him or her. Patrick's morning routine consists of many steps to stop the aging process. "I believe in taking car ...

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"American Psycho" : Satirists make the best Moralists

is readers moralise on a level unobtainable through traditional narrative. Through his protagonist, Patrick Bateman, the author parodies 80's America to a point beyond comfort, concerned more with cul ... the satirist is to parody its subject, therefore exaggeration is the key to the style. Accordingly, Patrick Bateman is painted as the personification of society's values, contradictions and attitudes. ...

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American Psycho - Summary Book Report/Review

y brutal and graphic accounts of violence and torture carried out by it's protagonist and narrator, Patrick Bateman. With the majority of these groups campaigning against the fear that unstable minds ... y out the methods described in the story.The novel itself a bleak satire, which follows the life of Patrick Bateman, a high-class, high spending, coke addicted yuppie who enjoys killing time (excuse t ...

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Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho" - A Freudian Analysis

Character DescriptionPatrick Bateman was a young, white, ivy leagued male who worked on Wall Street in the 1980's era of ... ect and to be the best at everything he does no matter what the cost. Material things meant more to Patrick than life itself which was clearly stated in the movie. Patrick was vain and self absorbed p ... dies and satisfying an insatiable and uncontrollable lust for torture and murder in the "big apple".Patrick Bateman was the ultimate serial killer who killed victims from all walks of life such as hom ...

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American Pyscho

cho is film about greed, power, vanity and how a psycho killer views the life. Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman a man who spends hours on his physical appearance but does not communicate on any em ... nice little meal at an expensive restaurant. Inside that restaurant we meet high power, 80's yuppie Patrick Bateman. The anti-hero. Patrick Bateman is a respected Wall Street businessman by day. Outsi ...

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"American Psycho" by Bret Ellis - Misogyny: The Voice of a Generation

d anywhere today in our generation because of egotistical individuals who find it to be acceptable. Patrick Bateman the protagonist from American Psycho enjoys raping females because he believes that ... as forcing an individual to endure in sexual activity even though they do not want to participate. Patrick Bateman rapes several females through the progression of the novel. This is proven when he s ...

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