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History of the Compass

ngraved around its edge in degrees or points;The magnetic assembly on which the card is mounted;The pivot on which the magnetic assembly is poised;The compass bowl enclosing the card, magnetic assembl ... n which the magnetic assembly is poised;The compass bowl enclosing the card, magnetic assembly, and pivot;A lubber's point normally provided to define the compass heading.[3]2)Different types of compa ...

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To what extent has the French political system become less 'Presidential' in character since 1986?

ngthen the executive in relation to the legislature. The role of the President as head of state and pivot of this new system was and is that of a national arbiter standing above party politics and res ... his made the President accountable only to the public. Thus the directly elected President with his pivotal role outlined in the constitution of the Fifth Republic plays an almost central role in Fren ...

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Feminist Critique of Love

feminists might argue in a critical manner that, "Love, perhaps even more than child bearing is the pivot of women's oppression today." (Firestone,43). In fact, many fronts of the feminist movements a ...

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Ping Yao - Information on Economic Patterns, Geographic Influences, Art and Architecture, Religion and Values, and Social and Political Organization of this Ancient Chinese City

Ping YaoEconomic Patterns:Xi'an served as an important pivot and center in ancient foreign economy and culture exchange. The Silk Road began in Chang'an. T ...

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Shot put

ected to the putting action.11. Hop on right leg, tuck the foot under the body at a righ tangle.12. Pivot on a 15cm platform (dependent upon height of athlete).13. Pivot on a 15cm platform and putting ... he support side lower body to 90°, this will aid the thrower in creating an active support side pivot F. Blocking Mechanics A solid blocking action will maximize the distance potential of a succes ...

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