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Explain the meaning and significance of the realist concept of the balance of power

international level, during the 1960's and 1970's, have been attributed mostly for the rise of the pluralist school of thought, and brought the relevance of the realist paradigm into question. Events ... ch as the easing of tensions in Europe to the student antiwar protests in America have promoted the pluralist theory.The assumptions, which the pluralists see as key to their theory, are evident in th ...

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Representative Government

lieve that any of the theories would have a possibility in out current political system, except the pluralist theory.The Marxist theory claims that the ruling class of the economic hierarchy also ran ... disadvantage, with the appointed officials becoming in complete dominance of the system.Lastly, the pluralist theory in which power is diffused throughout the entire society. A small minority makes de ...

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Comparing Pluralist, Hyperpluralist, Elite, Class, and Traditional Theory of Government

ch easier to contrast the four contemporary theories of American democracy than to compare them, as pluralist, hyperpluralist, elite and class, and traditional theory each highlights the competitive f ... nderlying question "Who governs our nation" yielding significantly different conclusions. While the pluralist theory emphasizes that politics is merely a competition among groups - a competition overw ...

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