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World War One.

The introduction of modernised battle techniques and strategies such as trench warfare, the use of poison gas, and machine guns meant that the ideologies, concepts and tactical approaches to war had ... ld was a resounding 'never again'.A dangerous tactic that evolved during World War 1 was the use of poisonous gases. Various gases were put to use during The First World War 1 including the likes of a ...

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This paper clearly explains the causes of World War I.

alated the tension contributing to the outbreak of war. The First World War was the irst war to use poison gas as a military weapon. Germans also had the first submarines and used them to blockade Bri ...

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WORLD WAR ONE AN INSIGHT question: Outline the major points of world war one in relation to the nations involved

e the huge casualties caused no only by the duration, but the introduction of new weapns, including poison gas and rapid advances in the lethality of weapons. A whole generation of European men was la ...

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H.G.Wells "The Time Machine" Book Report

ction book ever.Before airplanes, space travel and atomic energy, before freeways and traffic jams, poison gas and tanks and just before the dawn of the twentieth century, a nameless inventor in Londo ...

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Conditions at the frontlines were destructive for soldiers in WW1 discuss

in trench warfare and the relatively new kinds of weaponry being used, such as heavy artillery and poison gas contributed to a much higher death toll with little opportunity to bury the dead. This le ... helmet above the trench before risking a look in case an enemy sniper was positioned nearby. Poison Gas was a relatively new type of weapon to be used in warfare and was extremely deadly to the ...

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e. The list also includes some other things these chemicals are found in.Arsenic: Also found in rat poisonsAcetic Acid: also found in hair dye developerAcetone: Also found in nail polish removerAmmoni ... : Also found in rocket fuelHexamine: Also found in barbeque lightersHydrogen Cyanide: Also found in poison gas chambersLead: Also found in batteriesMethane: Also found in swamp gasMethanol: Also found ...

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BHOPAL A Nightmare for Union Carbide

In 1984, as if in a very bad dream, a cloud of poison gas reached out and snuffed the lives of thousands of sleeping people in the city of Bhopal, ...

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Powerful Americans During WWI

th unrestricted submarine warfare. Within the United States, acts of German sabotage and the use of poison gas in warfare helped change American opinions of Germany. Americans now feared that if Germa ...

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Comparing Holocaut To Present Genocide In Iraq And Kosovoin I

in English means Night of Broken Glass. Another thing that happened in the Holocaust was the use of poison gas. The Nazi's did both these things to Jews. These things were done because a group of peop ... dn't do anything because they were fighting a war. Another thing that was used in the Holocaust was poison gas. Jews that were not able to work were send to the "showers"�. But really the Jews ...

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Portrayal of War - "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque

e Nazis in a regime to wipe them out (genocide). The method of killing at these camps was typically poison gas, usually in gas chambers, although many prisoners died in mass shootings, by starvation o ...

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How have the representations of war been conveyed in your prescribed text "All quiet on the Western Front" by Remarque as well as one additional visual text and one additional written text

turns into madness. It rocks and rages", which portrays the horror and chaos of warfare. The use of poison gas is also a very brutal practice throughout the novel. Remarche effectively conveys the sol ... days on end as they spew up their burned out lungs, bit by bit", portraying the gruesome effect of poison gas, effectively inciting emotions of disgust in the reader and conveying the horror of war. ...

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General sir arthur currie

th exceptional composure at Ypres in 1915 where his 2nd Brigade made a remarkable stand against the poison gas. Having impressed his superiors, Currie was promoted to command the "crack" 1st Canadian ...

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All quiet on the western front

hine-gunners…We bayonet the others before they can get their grenades out" (p84). The use of poison gas is also a very brutal practice throughout the novel. Baumer describes this while he is in ...

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916, the world witnessed, for ten long months, a constant rain of shooting, shelling, and clouds of poison gas. After one million French and German casualties, the battle lines were essentially unchan ...

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WWI (The Great War)

and equipment used during the war. Such examples are trench warfare, U-boats (submarines), cannons, poison gas, tanks, and flamethrowers.On November 11, 1918, the war was finally at an end. The Allies ...

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Biological weapons were invented and used several centuries ago, even

sults of the biological weapons research was seen already during the WWI where the Germans used the poison gas against the Allied troops, which resulted in 100,000 deaths and 900,000 injuries from the ...

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Technology of World War One

g agent that would render soldiers that came into unprotected contact with it unable to fight. When poison gas was first used in the war the only method to deploy it on the enemy was to release it whe ... tly limited the use of gas as a weapon. It wasn't until later in the war did the armies start using poison gas in artillery shells to solve this problem.At the start of the war, generals and field com ...

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Analysis of Dulce et Decorum Est.

cstasy of fumbling, / Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time"(9-10), these lines are revealing the poison gas that was used to kill soldiers. Unfortunately one soldier couldn't get to his helmet in t ... helmet in time, "And flound'ring like a man in fire or lime"(12) fire or lime refers to the type of poison gas the man inhaled; it's a chalky white substance that burns human tissue. In this case it's ...

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