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Pompey the Great

Based on Encyclopedia GoodPOMPEY THE GREAT Pompey was a Roman general and political leader. He was a member of the first Triumvirate with Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus, bu ... nts or authorize bonuses for his veterans. Pompey retaliated by forming with Crassus and Caesar the political bloc known as the First Triumvirate (60 B.C.), and promptly proceeded ratification of Pomp ...

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Civil War Facts

ry issues. It was used to balance pro and anti slave states. (36 -30)2)3) John Calhoun: (1782-1850) Political leader who was United States congressman, Secretary of war, Vice President (1825-1832) sen ... tional politics for over forty years. He was a nationalist, devoted to the economic development and political integration of the United States.4) Daniel Webster: Practice as a lawyer before the United ...

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"The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. A story of many characters

His wife is Ona Lukoszaite, also a Lithuanian. Their son is named Atanas. Mike Scully is a powerful political leader in Packingtown.Phil Connor is a foreman in Packingtown, 'politically connected', an ... who causes much trouble for Jurgis. Jack Duane is an experienced and educated criminal who is also 'politically connected'. A man called Ostrinski is a half-blind tailor who teaches Jurgis about Socia ...

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erbert Hoover (1929-1932) and President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932-1948). Both had different views politically; particularly when it came to the depression. In this paper I will discuss the different ... did what to end the depression. I will start with president Hoover.Herbert Clark Hoover started his political career as head of the Department of Commerce during president Harding and Coolidge's term. ...

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Charlemagne, bringer of the golden age of Europe.

Charlemagne (Charles the Great) is the most discussed political leader of the 8 th and 9th centuries. He became ruler of a vast empire in Western Europe, ... ect of the poem Song of Roland. So, by restoring the roots of learning and order, he preserved many political rights and revived culture.By 800AD Charlemagne was the undisputed ruler of Western Europe ...

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Rush Limbaugh

h Limbaugh has done much more than just change the style of talk radio, he has become somewhat of a political leader for many Americans. He has been the type of spokesman many people have been looking ... 95, The Philadelphia Inquirer) Rush has caused people to change their views of the country and it's political leaders. He's had many things that have built him up to the "political preacher" you see t ...

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This paper discusses the insights of The Prince by Machiavelli

The PrinceThe idea of a political leader remaining popular and in control, regardless of the means, is the subject of Machia ... in politics a struggle for power in which the end did justify the means. The explanation of current political conditions can be viewed as the product of witnessing a struggle for survival among the co ... issues that would affect a country.Machiavelli lived in 15th century Italy. At this time, Italy was politically divided. The people were left at a disadvantaged by these battles and rule of law was le ...

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Hu Jintao and the leadership succession in China (written before Jiang stepped down)

and party general secretary, Jiang Zemin will step down and make way for a new, younger-generation political leader. The man currently expected to replace him in office is Hu Jintao, a politician who ... gely unknown and untested. This scenarioprovides valuable insights into the workings of the Chinese political system and the mechanisms by which powerful politicians are able to rise to power and legi ...

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Political Fumble: The War Measures Act, the implications of the institution of the war measures act of 1970 by former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

Political fallacies are a prominent aspect of the Canadian political landscape, from John A. Macdona ... on of the gun registry cost. In each case the initial policy framework attempts to combine personal political ambitions with political policy, a mixture which proves to be insoluble to public approval ... ch proves to be insoluble to public approval. In the 1960?s, Canada was introduced to a new type of political leader, a person who was not afraid to mix emotion with policy, who preferred indecision a ...

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Joseph Stalin.

Joseph Stalin was a Russian political leader, who was the undisputed leader of the U.S.S.R. from 1929 and until his death. Born ...

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This essay is about the war in Iraq and how i'm being a patriot to the soliders in Iraq.

support and defendit because they are stopping us from getting bombed, or taken over by a murderouspolitical leader like Sadamm Hussein. I think weather or not you agree with the war weshould support ... it weren't forpeople like them fighting for our country. We would not be able to speak out againsta political leader like George Bush or Bill Clinton. I could not thank these soldiersenough. They are ...

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This essay talks about how to start you own club having to do with amnesty international, the human rights organization.

rk. Amnesty international is a self-governed organization that neither supports nor opposes any one political policy or political leader. Rather it strives to maintain a vision of rights as written in ... s of community service hours for each issue, but will also have the satisfaction of being part of a politically activist group "working to protect human rights worldwide."Each issue that is chosen wil ...

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The russian revolution ad the people involved.

latter. Over the next 25 years, he was the outstanding ideologist, though not the most influential political leader of Menshevism. In Stockholm when the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917, Axelrod elect ... period from 1893 until his death. It includes his poems and literary essays, articles, personal and political correspondence (including letters with Stalin, Chicherin and Ordzhonokidze), speeches, aut ...

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The Gentlemen of The Jungle.

sdom by Jomo Kenyatta in his short story: "The Getnlemen of The Jungle." As a Pan-African and great political leader, Kenyatta became the first president of independent Kenya back in 1963. His wise st ... m of barbaric system of law and order upon the natives of the land, and then came a time of intense political and intellectual changes in Africa. However, for the Europeans, it was a time of consolida ...

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The Qualities of a Leader as discussed in the essays "Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau and "The Qualities of the Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli

Leadership is the most important quality for the head of our nation, or any other political leader. To be a good leader, you must have many attributes that qualify you for such a hug ... e can deal with diversity. Diversity is one of the things in America today that makes having a good political leader so important. Having a single leader over the entire nation creates a sense of comm ... laugh at themselves, or make us laugh, gives us a new respect for our leader.Most importantly for a political leader, is the ability to think globally. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I cannot sit idly ...

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Julius Caesar: Comparison between Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus. Essay for declaraing who is true tragic hero.

us Brutus and Julius Caesar are different characters, but somehow similar. Marcus Brutus is a Roman political leader, son-in-law of the Roman philosopher Marcus Porcius Cato the Younger, born in Rome, ... so thoroughly in the purpose of the assassination that he does not perceive the need for excessive political management to justify the murder. This loyalty helps to bring about his death, as he refus ...

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Biography on Pierre Elliott Trudeau

brought about a spontaneous outpouring of national pride and mourning perhaps unprecedented for any political leader in our history. To many Canadians, he was the very embodiment of the nation. Yet, b ...

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A Brief Biography of Maximilien Robespierre and His Influence on the Novel "A Tale of Two Cities"

Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre, the 'Incorruptible,' was a lawyer and political leader in France during the time of the Reign of Terror from 1793-1794 in the French Revol ... f Terror than what had ever been done before. As writer Rowena Searle quoted, "(He) started out his political career hoping for peace, freedom and equality. Through the influence of an earlier philoso ...

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Rouge Male by Geoffrey Household

, whose name is never told throughout the story, is caught stalking and attempting to assassinate a political leader and is thrown from a cliff supposedly to his death. He miraculously survives the fa ...

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This is a biography on the Great Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi is known throughout the world as the most powerful Hindu political leader of all time. Most people thought that he was just an influential Hindu guru, but hi ... He led quite the simple life. He was a very powerful speaker and his words did wonders to the Hindu political system. As a young boy, Gandhi showed a strong perseverance to succeed in life. At the age ...

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