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How did Great Britain, France, and the United States respond to the Great Depression?

, when it did, there was political chaos. Eventually, Communists, Socialists, and Radicals formed a Popular Front government. The Popular Front made the French New Deal, based on FDR's New Deal. It ga ...

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Spanish Civil War - "In what ways and for what reasons did foreign intervention play an important role in the Spanish Civil War?"

al parties dividing themselves into two camps. There were the left-wing parties (also known as the "Popular Front") and the right-wing parties (also known as the National Front). The Popular Front was ... visers, latest aircraft. From Italy, they received 50,000 troops, 763 aircraft and 91 warships. The Popular Front received assistance from USSR and the International brigade. The International Brigade ...

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What were the chief causes of the Spanish Civil War?

nister. The attempt was unsuccessful as the army for now, was loyal to the government and gained in popularity in the next few years until 1933, when a new political party was formed called CEDA, Conf ... the left wing parties of Spain.It forced the many parties of the left to come together to form the Popular Front. They organised strikes, riots and took part in acts of violence such as derailing mai ...

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FRANCISCO FRANCO Francisco Franco was born on December 04 ,

. Two years later he was appointed commander of Spain's new Military academy at Saragossa. When the popular front came to power(Feb.1936), he was made military governor of the Canary Islands. In July ...

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How did the Spanish Civil War contribute to appeasement by Britain?

ncy of officers and redistributing ownership of land to the Braceros as part of a range of, often unpopular, egalitarian policies. These changes polarised the population and between 1933 and 1936, aft ... ough to take control each side was composed of a coalition, with the Republicans united to form the Popular Front comprised of democrats, socialists and communists, between whom there existed a stable ...

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To what extent can the 1936 popular front government be seen as a missed opportunity for social transformation

on with the right-wing leagues and an attempt to quell the growing menace of fascism, the left-wing Popular Front, led by Socialist León Blum, was elected into power. As Blum later reflected, i ... dangers which threatened French Republican institutions, and liberty itself'. In the two years the Popular Front held office they were tasked with dealing with the inherited budgetary, Treasury and c ...

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