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The Advantages of Incumbency. My essay about how incumbents of congress have superior advantages over their opponents.

ave over their opponents. He stated that out of all things a congressman can do to win re-election, pork barreling and casework are the most powerful tools he can use. He went on to state that a congr ... o state that a congressman's lawmaking activities are programmatic and much more controversial than pork barreling or casework because people are divided on many major issues. Thus, when a congressman ...

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The Unfinished Business

Eng10 2012-20855 Position Paper The Unfinished Business "Maki-baka! Huwag Magbaboy!" (Go beef! Not Pork!). The call against the pork barrel has been finally heard. After the Supreme Court's decision ... onality, protesters can now heave a sigh of relief especially with the president's approval of the "pork-less" 2014 national budget. This assurance, however, is short-lived for the 2014 budget is not ...

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