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Egypt in 2528 B.C.

ave no complex tools, only the simplest tools, to build the pyramids. Our hands, sleds, and earthen ramps are the simplest tools we use. Besides the tools, I lifted millions of limestone that weigh ab ...

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Purpose of Simple Machines.

le, "Simple Machines", the ancient Egyptians used levers to lift stones to build their pyramids and ramps to raise them to the top. Also he states that in Roman times, stones were tossed at enemies us ... makes heavy things easier to lift up. One situation where an inclined is helpful is with wheelchair ramps. It would be extremely hard to lift a wheelchair with a person in it up stairs but with an inc ...

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A day at the park

part. We got out of the car I found a nice place to lay my things and my cousin ran to the skating ramps, as if he had 1 hour to live. It was a very pleasant day; the breeze seemed to playfully invit ...

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Americans with Disabilities Act

othered), public services (buses were not equipped for wheelchairs; streets, pavements did not have ramps; buildings, buildings were accessible for wheelchairs) and public accommodations (restaurants, ... maintained in working order. All newly constructed and altered streets and walkways must have curb ramps regardless of the source of funding. The requirements apply not only to the state and local go ...

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Skateboarding (New subject: Sciences: Sports: Classification)

mpetition involves performing a variety of tricks on things like curbs, benches, stairs, rails, and ramps. This type of competition combines jumping, landings, and the creative use of different tricks ...

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Roman Colloseum

d by Emperor Titus and two for the gladiators.Upon entering the Colosseum, visitors climbed sloping ramps to their seats, according to gender and social class. Women and the poor stood or sat on woode ...

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Report on How Escalators Work.

r transporting a lot of people over a short distance. A specialized form of the escalator is moving ramps or sidewalks (travelators). These travelators move people and materials horizontally.History:T ...

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Inline skate (exposition)

essive skating, fitness training, hockey, or racing. Aggressive skates are made for doing stunts on ramps and rails. They have small wheels, a grind plate, and are constructed to withstand extreme use ...

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The Addition of Ramps

Also known as wild leeks, ramps are members of the same family as garlic, scallions, and onions. Poking up through leaf litter ... ong the first signs of spring in the region. Once the trees turn fully green and block the sun, the ramps go away for another year.The vegetable's taste is described as an appetizing mixture of its ki ... ially with little boys getting overheated--and what that smelled like," as Archaeologists have said.Ramps are native to eastern North American mountains. The plants are found in moist deciduous (non-e ...

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Techniques of the Egyptian Artist.

were simple: wooden mallets, stone, drills, chisels, flint knives, wooden rulers, plumb lines, and ramps. The pyramids were huge complexes that contained not only the sarcophagi of the kings, but the ...

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Egyptian Art

orts.At the temple of Karnak, a ramp of adobe brick that leads to the top of the temple wall. These ramps were used to allow workmen to carry stones to the top of structure and allow artists to decora ...

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Videogame Violence

round and see another floor above the original hallway you came in, about twenty feet up. There are ramps from the left and right heading up towards it. At the foot of one of the ramps is a small whit ...

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A Day Of Being Disabled

am at school I attend my classes like everybody else, only half the time I arrive late because the ramps that lead into the school buildings are really impractical. They are up the other entry of the ...

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