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Analysis of the Music Industry: Describes in detail how the music industry has changed its methods of distribution, promotion and manufacturing.

the times well defined. There are a few exceptions that I will discuss later.Musicians come to the record company or music producer with a sample of their music. Than if these so called "gate keepers ... to publish and the music is promising they sign a contract with the musician. Copies of albums are recorded and than the product is promoted and distributed on the market, as the specifics of the dif ...

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Eminem as a good idol w/ bibliography

He's got three hit albums, a record-breaking movie, and his own record label. Marshall Mathers. Slim Shady. Eminem. If you said a ... n be a good, loving father.To see all of this, you should look back to 1999. The Slim Shady LP hits record stores propelled by the number one single "My Name Is..." Eminem becomes an instant hit with ... y or too literally. "A lot of people ask me stupid fucking questions. They think that what I say on records or what I talk about on a record that I actually do in real life, or that I believe in it" ( ...

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Earl Simmons.

fered from. After years of hard work and dedication to making it in the music industry, he landed a record deal with Ruffhouse and came out with his first single, titled "Born Loser" in 1992. DMX did ... use and came out with his first single, titled "Born Loser" in 1992. DMX did not get along with his record label because they were not promoting his name as much as he thought that they should, so he ...

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Recording deals in the music industry

("P&D") Deals: The name of this deal describes its basic premise. The indie label finances the recording process and delivers the final master recording to a major label distribution company, whi ... master recording to a major label distribution company, which then presses (i.e., manufactures) the records and distributes those records to sub-distributors, retailers, etc. In the case of P&D de ...

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Discussion of Internet File-Sharing

DVD in their computer and distribute it across the internet. In response to this type of "sharing," record companies have sued, claiming that consumers are "stealing." Neither word is correct in that ... e technology that allows a computer to send copies of songs to other computers on the internet. The record companies say that this allows people to steal their product from them. However, when a user ...

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R. I. A. A. stands for Ruthless Ignorant and Avaricious. An expository essay on the music business and what threatens it.

ere sued for owning their own download sites? These cases were made possible by none other than the Recording Industry Association of America, which represents the five major record labels, Sony, EMI, ... usic to world was criticized years ago on the same grounds; it was called the radio. "Who would buy records if people could listen to music for free on the radio?" the record companies complained. Of ...

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Copyright and global music industry

h a sample of their music to a music publisher or an artist & repertoire (A&R) manager of a record company. If this initial 'gate keeper' find the music promising, negotiations start [12]. A c ... er' find the music promising, negotiations start [12]. A contract is signed with a music publisher. Recording is undertaken and then a copies of the recording are pressed and promoted to both retailer ...

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The Life of 2pac Shakur

o a court of law, and on September 13, 1996 Tupac was shot and killed. Even after his death Tupac's record label is still releasing his previously recorded tracks. In 1971 a woman named Afeni S ... rted to fall apart but it was a doorway to further success. Steinberg had introduced the group to a record label, TNT which had signed a popular group by the name of "Digital Underground." Steinberg h ...

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Counter - culture study: Adam Freeland, Breakbeat pioneer and political activist

At 30 years of age, Adam Freeland has achieved a lot. He owns a successful record label and is recognised as one of the world's most popular dj's. He is also a respected artis ... nd, Free*land, is spreading his political messages to youthful audiences throughout the world. As a record label boss, Freeland encourages his artists to produce intelligent, soulful music, instead of ... uch as electro and hip - hop, into his deep house sets. This experimentation sparked his search for records that drew from a wide range of influences, yet had a certain sound to them.His long search r ...

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Caged bird

o this song it seems to put you in a sympathetic mood. I think that this song portrays Keys and her record label and how she feels towards her fans as a new artist. I chose this song because I feel th ...

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BMG entertainment & Music Industry SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis and Recommendation if Music IndustryStrengths:*First major record label to create websites branded towards different music genres.First major record label to u ... e their own CD within 15 minutes.Attacking Piracy at the Source- the CD'sIn order to attack piracy, record labels must start at the source. Nearly all of the music traded on the Internet originally co ... sts point to CDs as the biggest hole in the music industry's strategy for aiding online piracy. The recording industry wants to make it harder for consumers to directly copy CDs, but it faces enormous ...

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Green Day: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

album, Kerplunk, which became an instant underground success. This led to their signing with major record label Reprise. Their first major album debut, Dookie, was released in the spring of 1994. Doo ...

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Next Big Thing

they will get behind them and help them when they can. Secondly, They need to find a quality recording studio and cut a demo that you can get a lot of radio play. When a band gets local radio p ... ens all across the world. Finally, they need to take there demo and send it off to different record labels.Give them a little time to respond. They have a lot of demos to go through and if one ...

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Outcasts Of Poker Flat

consequences of ignoring social mores. This topic interested me because I thought it meant ignoring labels. That's just the way I interpreted it as.Now to start this off I thought I would list the cha ... he way I interpreted it as.Now to start this off I thought I would list the characters and give the labels I thought of for them and pulled from reading. First John Oakhurst, I gave him the label of t ...

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INTRODUCTION         This project will focus on a band called “Cold”.

and Radiohead.Their popularity rose when the got there contract deal in Jacksonville 1996 with BMG record label. Cold after a concert met up with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst and he became their producer ... Their first hit was go away, not to be confused with gone away, which is a song that they just recorded. Go away was on there first song one there first.From the start Cold has always been differ ...

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Elvis Presley : The King of Rock and Roll

he entered in a talent show and won second place for singing. When he was in High school he started recording with Sun Record Label. This was his first Recording Label. After some of the people from t ... t appearance on the radio happened. After working with Sun for a while he later signs with a bigger recording label, RCA. Under there label he releases his first LP, and he called it Elvis Presley. Th ...

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Music and Culture

ven though the artist hasn't done or seen what they are talking about since they were signed to the record label, they portray a very harsh, difficult life that many struggle to get out of. Hip-Hop is ...

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Advertising Plan: Band - Music Industry

tially been little need to launch a consorted advertising campaign due to the fact that FFL has not recorded a full-length CD yet, and therefore has little marketability.With the release of the album ... initely marketable, therefore proper exposure is going to be key in gaining new fans and possibly a record contract in the future.Industry AnalysisThe music industry is notoriously overcrowded and hig ...

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Music Piracy In America

stion persists then who are you stealing from? From the artist that wrote and sung the song or the record label that produced the song for your hearing.This paper will help give a better idea of w ... work and is stealing; punishable just like stealing a car by the courts. We will explain what the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA group is and how they protect the record companies ...

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