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Voltage - Current relationship in a DC circuit

rcuit without measuring it directly provided that the remaining variable V and I is known. A resistor is a piece of electric conductor which obeys Ohm's Law and has been designed to have a spec ... an extension of the Ohm's Law, two more relationship can be drawn for electric circuits containing resistors connected in series or/and parallel. For resistors connected in series, the sum of their r ...

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Resistance of a Wire

circuit used in this experimentList of the apparatus used: -1- Power pack supply of 4V2-A variable resistor3-A full scale deflection ammeter with a measuring range of 0-1 A4-A digital voltmeter with ... the kinks or twists in the wire. I then switched on the power pack supply and adjusted the variable resistor until a constant current of 0.2A wasflowing through the circuit. I then recorded the corres ...

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Phone taps Informitave speach

hardly ever opens their phone, that is a very common place to put it.To make a phone tap you need a Resistor 47 Transistor MPSA56, Resistor 68 PC Board, Resistor 270 Solder, A Trimmer cap 5-40F Gray w ... r 100pF Red wire, Capacitor 470pF Green wire, and Transistor 2N3904 Enamel wire. Then you mount the resistors to the PC board, and solder it to the board. Then mount the following capacitors on the PC ...

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Resistors in series and parallel.

Title: Resistors in Series and ParallelDate: 17/7/05Aim:The aim of this experiment is to compare the predic ... /05Aim:The aim of this experiment is to compare the predicted and actual resistance in a circuit of resistor combinations in series and in parallel.Background:A resistor is an electrical component/dev ... in parallel.Background:A resistor is an electrical component/device that has electrical resistance. Resistors can be used in electric circuits for protection of components, voltage division or current ...

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or.Formulas:V=IRMaterials:1) Circuits Experiment Board2) D-Cell3) Wire4) Digital Multimeter (DMM)5) ResistorsDiagrams:AmmmeterUmm WireVolt MeterrheostatProcedure:1) Making sure that the switch is open ... onstruct the circuit. When connecting the current meter ( 50ma Full-Scale meter) in series with the resistor R make sure that the + terminal and the - terminal are connected properly. Otherwise, the p ...

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Resistance Investigation

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Length affects the resistance

ent-carrying charged particles with fixed particles that make up the structure of the conductors. A resistor is a material that makes it hard for electrons to go through a circuit. Without resistance, ... and therefore it is a good conductor. The length and width of a wire also has an effect.A variable resistor alters the amount of current flowing easily, which makes it very useful for speed control o ...

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Circuit Report

he properties of the passive elements and the resonance.Apparatus1. Unknown Box2. Passive Elements: Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors3. A.C. Power supply4. Connecting Wires5. MultimeterIntroductory ... n either absorb energy or store energy.There are 3 types of passive elements, which are shown below:Resistor: A resistor is a two-terminal electrical or electronic component that resists an electric c ...

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This is a note/assignment for class

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Physics Coursework Electrical Resistance of A Wire

using one cell hopefully I will be able to control the temperature. I will also be using a variable resistor, I didn't use a variable resistor in the preliminary experiment because I only needed one r ... ement and then I can work out the average resistance. I will take one measurement when the variable resistor is at minimum, I will take the second measurement when the variable resistor is in the midd ...

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Applying Ohm's Law

istance (R) that has a current (I) through it is given by V = I R. By varying the current through a resistor, one can measure the changes in the voltage drop across the resistor. Once the data is acqu ... amperesOne ohm is the resistance value through which onevolt will maintain a current of one ampere.Resistors are used to control voltage and currentlevels. A very high resistance allows a smallamount ...

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Physic Sc1 Resistance Of A Wire

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Physics (Resistance Of A Wire) Plan

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What Affects The Value Of A Resistor?

Andrew Hayes. 23/10/01.What Factors Affect the Value of a Resistor? Introduction: Resistance is caused when the 'free electrons' in a wire collide with the vi ... be directly proportional to the resistance of the wire. My reasoning for this is that the rule for resistors in series is that you add the resistance of each resistor to get the final resistance. Eac ...

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Harrison DC Power Supply: Model 6200B, serial T5599 Equipment: Ø One 2.2k ohm resistor Ø One 200 ohm resistor Ø One 1N4002 diode Theory: An ... 2. In the second procedure in which the inductor was used in series with an AC source and a resistor there also was a noticeable effect on the circuit. When the inductor was in series total vo ...

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Planning & Designing Experiment: Investigating the current - potential difference relationship (IV Characteristics) for a metal wire.

. Voltmeter 2. Ammeter 3. 10 cm Metal Wire 4. 10 Cells 5. Conventional Wire 6. Rheostat or Variable Resistor 7. Switch 8. Ruler Method: 1. Set up the circuit as seen in the diagram. 2. Using the varia ...

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