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A review of the movie "Glory".

h massachusetts regiment of all black soldiers during the civil war. It is based on letters sent by Robert Gould Shaw, who was born in Boston on October 10, 1837, to his parents. He was born to wealth ... e and the famous abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass.The movie starts off with a war scene where Robert Gould Shaw (played by Mathew Broderick) serves as a Captain with the Second Massachusetts Inf ...

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The Legacy of the 54th Regiment.

being a true fighting unit. In early 1863, Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew appointed Colonel Robert Shaw, a twenty-five year old prominent abolitionist from Boston to command and organized the ... 863, the Fifty-fourth regiment crowded together along with other regiments before charging forward. Robert Shaw addresses his men and reminded them "The eyes of thousands will look on what you do toni ...

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Whites discriminating against blacks, blacks discriminating against blacks in the film "Glory"

. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest war movies of all time. Glory is about Colonel Robert Shaw and the first all-black volunteer company. Shaw and the 54th regiment have to fight the ...

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A paragraph on "The Great Experiment" or the The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry explaining how it was successful during the civil war

equality to White people. An example of a person who opened up to this concept was their commander, Robert Shaw. By reading his letters, it shows how he slowly stops using derogatory terms like "nigge ...

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sland from New York looking, so he thought, for a change from the fears of the city. There's Quint (Robert Shaw), a caricature of the crusty old seafaring salt, who has a very personal reason for hati ...

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Movie Analysis of "Jaws".

der as "Martin Bordy" (chief police officer), Richard Dreyfuss as "Matt Hooper" (marine biologist), Robert Shaw as "Quint" (local fisherman), Murray Hamilton as "Larry Vaughan" (town mayor). "Jaws" th ...

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Joy Hakim and "Glory" Movie - Do Wars Solve Problems?

ed during the Civil War. Glory, the movie, was based on letters written by a colonel by the name of Robert Gould Shaw. Shaw was a brave colonel in the Union Army during the Civil War who lead the firs ... rmy during the Civil War who lead the first group of black soldiers into combat.In the movie Glory, Robert Shaw trains the black men to become soldiers. He works hard and doesn’t give up no matte ...

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My Yellow Bandana

Washington as Trip and Morgan Freeman as Sergeant Major John Rawlins.        Col Robert Shaw was 23 years old when he enlisted to fight in the Civil War. He was the leader of the f ...

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Warm Cinema

ink of is The Sting. This is a brilliant movie, which won the 1973 Oscar for Best Picture. It stars Robert Redford and Paul Newman as a couple of con men from 1930's Chicago who set up a trick to trap ... n as a couple of con men from 1930's Chicago who set up a trick to trap a criminal banker played by Robert Shaw.The story takes place at the height of the great depression. Johnny Hooker (Redford) los ...

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Glory The federal government and Fedrick Douglas were thinking about

soon came ture. The union accepted any black volenteers to join the 54th regiment of Massachusetts. Robert Shaw was selected general of the 54th regiment in the Union.The black soldiers of the 54th re ...

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