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"Jane Eyre" (Charlotte Bronte), The Feminist Tract

In 1837 critic Robert Southey wrote to Charlotte Bronte,'Literature cannot be the business of a woman's life, and i ...

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Introductory essay on the man and his life.

to better principles than those obtained in the society around them. A chance meeting with the poet Robert Southey, another political radical, led the two men to plan such a "pantistocracy" and to set ...

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Outline the causes of Discontent experienced by the population in the 19th Century?

fts in unhealthy factories, and children from the age of 5 would work a 14-hour shift. According to Robert Southey "I thought that if Dante had peopled one of his hells with children, here was a scene ... his hells with children, here was a scene worthy to have supplied him with new images of torment" (Robert Southey, Letters From England, 1807). Resentment grew at the increasing price of living and t ...

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Biography of William Wordsworth.

9, and moved to Dove Cottage in Grasmere, Westmorland. This area is near the English Lake District. Robert Southey, another poet, and Coleridge, lived nearby. Wordsworth, Southey, and Coleridge became ...

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"Manchester: Industrialization and Growth"

t forth different responses from the social, economic, and political stand points.Visitors, such as Robert Southey, from England, and Alexis de Tocqueville, from France, did not see Manchester as a gl ...

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Charlotte Bronte

er time just did not do. In response to her letter requesting an opinion about some of her writing, Robert Southey found it necessary to inform the obviously confused Ms. Bronte of the role of women. ... nce and agreement was another scream of disdain obvious through her cunning use of sarcasm. Through Robert Southey and Charlotte Bronte?s letters, we are able to see the established attitude toward wo ...

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Report on Tourism in the Lake District.

me famous when a group of British poets (including William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey) made it their home at the beginning of the 19th centuryVisitors like to visit the La ...

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Life and time of william wordsworth

cute;s of nationalism.On Wednesday evening, 2 December 1812, William Wordsworth wrote to his friend Robert Southey about the death of Thomas Wordsworth, the poet's six-year-old son who had died the da ... uld award Wordsworth with the honorary Doctor of Civil Law degree in 1838 and 1839. When his friend Robert Southey died in 1843, Wordsworth would become the new Poet in Great Britain. Yet it is intere ...

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