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Chekhov's short story, The Betrothed

er liberation of women of the nineteenth century. To fully understand the evolution of women within Russian literature, it is necessary to compare The Betrothed to literature of the earlier part of th ... d in a time when posing such a question wasn't an option. Chekhov's story introduces a new woman in Russian literature; one who is capable of building her own life and one who is strong enough to brea ...

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Russian Literature: A Hero Of Our Time by Lermontov

goes against one of the most basic principles of the ideal romantic hero that I have read about in Russian Literature. Pechorin needs other people, is ruled by fate, and follows not his emotions but ...

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This is a term paper for Western World Lit II (The Tragedy of Greed) Complete with Work Cited page

in Russia. Alexander Sengeevich Pushkin, with his varied style of writing, soon became a leader in Russian literature. "His completed masterpieces rank among the best not only in Russian but in world ... lustrate the problems with the society of his time. The Queen of Spades is known as the first major Russian prose work (Pursglove, Michael). The story illustrates the troubles that arises when someone ...

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Alexander Pushkin,

Alexander Sergyeevich PushkinPushkin the Russian 19th century author is considered his country's greatest and the founder of modern Russian l ... omplexion (dark skin) and black hair the depict vividly his African ancestry; his revoluationalized Russian literature with narrative poems, love poem, political poems, short stores, novels and fairy ... poems, short stores, novels and fairy tales made him the greatest poet in Russia the father of the Russian Language and outstanding gift for Africa, and his pretty wife's frivolous social life which ...

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Philosophy In Russian Literature

Throughout Russian history, philosophy has been important to the people of Russia, a point which shows up in th ... sophy has been important to the people of Russia, a point which shows up in their literature. Early Russian Literature was usually infused with the philosophy of the time but the oppressiveness of Sta ... d many philosophical ideas. One of these ideas is the negative hero as described by Jean Sisk, "the Russian negative heroes were men who, faced with the need to make a decision or choice, reacted ment ...

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The queen of spades, pushkin

Russians hold Pushkin in such high esteem that his place in Russian literature can reasonably be com ... ck to Pushkin's play MOZART AND SALIERI. (It is worth noting here that the great nineteenth-century Russian composer, Rimsky-Korsakov, wrote a successful opera based on the play in 1898; and both the ... which Tchaikovsky based his great opera "Pique Dame"--are the first great works of prose fiction in Russian to stand the test of time unshakably. His most widely read masterpiece, the verse novel EUGE ...

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classic tragedy in modern perspective

ficant tragic drama emerged was around the late nineteenth-century when the Norwegian Ibsen and the Russian Chekhov created dramatic works worthy of being defined by the name of tragedy. Their tragic ... ed to be lasting or significant any longer" (100). However, it is not narrowed down to the specific Russian case and reflects the condition of modern humanity in general: alienated from divinity, lack ...

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