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Tastes of Cuban Culture.

and local as well: every culture has it own culinary biases, but all cultures celebrate taste. Our sense of taste is born and educated according to the culture we belong to. Cuban cooking is among th ... food is not only part of my roots, culture, memories and/or traditions, but mostly it is part of my sense of taste.Works CitedDiane Ackerman. Mind Readings. Boston, Ma: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2002

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Wisdom vs. Strength in Odyssey.

his shrewdness.Odysseus tricks Polyphemus through temptation. Odysseus exploits two of Polyphemus's senses. Odysseus attempts to fascinate Polyphemus's sense of taste. For example, Odysseus allures Po ... escribing how it would be comfortable to drink with human flesh. Then, Odysseus tempts Polyphemus's sense of hearing. Odysseus talks about his name. Odysseus tells Polyphemus "Cyclops, try this wine- ...

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Evolution Frenzy

, especially if it is salty and/or sweet, appeals to people's taste buds. Americans have acquired a sense of taste, smell, and the texture of foods from an early age. The sensory responses are influen ...

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I learned: A) McDonald's is the largest buyer of potatoes in the U.S. B) Human beings acquired the sense of taste as a6 way to avoid being poisoned. IV. Some Questions I have about this article: A) C ...

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Jellybean Experiment

1. Does the sense of smell affect our sense of taste? Through the Jellybean Experiment, we were able to examine, ... ect tasting jellybeans with both the nose closed and open allowed us to investigate whether our two senses of smell and taste are indeed related.2. In the Jellybean Experiment, we collected informatio ... oking history. In doing this, we were trying to answer the question of whether smoking affects your sense of taste.3. In the summary table, X and Y represent the total number of correct answers when s ...

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Inverted Spectrum

idea of hearing is kind of the same thing as Nagel states in chapter three. However, instead of the sense of hearing, Nagel uses the sense of taste to explain the inverted spectrum. Another inverted s ... ng to understand the concept, it seems that maybe philosophers are right and maybe this stuff makes sense after all. When a critic states, "if one person hears a dogs bark, how does it sound to anothe ...

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The Left vs. the Right Brain

ead, protected by the skull and close to the primary sensory apparatus of vision, hearing, balance, sense of taste, and smell.Early views on the function of the brain regarded it as little more than c ...

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