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Anthropology Lab, a scientific project about White Handed Gibbions, (Apes) and explores their grooming habbits.

ere both the male and the female are dominant. (Gittins and Raemaekers, 1980) there is little to no sexual dimorphism and males and females are both socially and physically equal. Their family structu ... cture in made up of the "pair bonded" couple and their immature offspring. When the offspring reach sexual maturity they are driven out of the group by the parent of the same sex. Although Gibbons are ...

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Similarities in Human and Nonhuman Primates: Familial Relationships.

treetops to forage for food and have cheek pouches for carrying it, and New World monkeys who show sexual dimorphism.Old World monkeys have pads for sitting called ischial callosities and have a more ...

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The white handed gibbon

them look stockier than they actually are. Unlike all of the other ape species, gibbons have little sexual dimorphism in body size.The long arms, permanently curved fingers, and light bodies of gibbon ...

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Coral fish

e fish. Males and females tend to advertise their sex and availability through vibrant colors. This sexual dimorphism is most evident in such reef residents as groupers. The color patters change predi ... The simultaneous and the sequential hermaphrodites.The simultaneous hermaphrodites have the mature sexual organs of both males and females and can reverse their sexual functions at will. The Caribbea ...

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Why Do Female Elephant Seals Prefer To Mate With O

re dominant male (due to age) seems to be a fundamental requirement for higher breeding success. In Sexual Selection by Malte Andersson, the author states that "less than one third of the males reside ... te with males having higher courtship rates or a higher rank.It also seems to be a struggle between sexual selection, the biggest, meanest, elephant seal is trying to drive off all the other male elep ...

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Sex vs. Gender Roles-Personal Opinion

allowed to be feminine and females should be allowed to be masculine. I also do not agree with homosexuality. I am very strong in my faith and the Bible clearly states that these things are wrong. Le ... he Bible clearly states that these things are wrong. Leviticus 20:13 states "If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. Th ...

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