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Evaluation of Asch

designed to test humans' tendency for conformity. Asch's work was a direct response to the work of Sherif, although Sherif was technically studying the process of norm formation in new groups. The re ... ally studying the process of norm formation in new groups. The reason why Asch wanted to improve on Sherif's work is that he believed that Sherif only achieved the results he did due to the ambiguity ...

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Discuss the social psychology research that explains conformity in social groups

er pressure.There are also studies to illustrate informational influence. One such study is that of Sherif (1935) (as cited in Gross, Richard, 1996 and Hogg, Michael A. and Vaughan, Graham M. 2002) wh ... to an agreed group estimate even though they were not told that they had to agree with each other. Sherif then asked the participants for individual estimates again. These estimates, instead of refle ...

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Discuss theories and/or research relating to why individuals conform.

to gain acceptance but inside that person still disapproves. (Haralambos, 2002)Psychologist Muzafer Sherif (1935) was one of the first to conduct a laboratory-based experiment to investigate the devel ... ght it can appear to move but this is due to small saccadic eye movement. (M Eysenck, 2000) Muzafer Sherif used two sets of participants to conduct his experiment in different conditions. The first gr ...

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