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Hololiterature, a Holographic Interpretation of the "Scarlet Letter", by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Comprehension of anything requires a framework already in place in order to place it in out sphere of reference. Especially those that are 'fuzzy' or difficult to nail down. The brain and the ...

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Practical investigation on teminal velocity of a sphere in oil

tudent Number:PurposeThe Purpose of this investigation is to explore how the terminal velocity of a sphere falling through glycerol varies with the temperature of the glycerol and the size of the sphe ... re.IntroductionIn the early stages of the project it was intended to investigate how the speed of a sphere falling through glycerol varies with the size of the sphere. However, after analysis it was d ...

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In English class we were given the freedom to write on any personal topic. I chose to describe the effects that evolution in terms of ascension will have on biology and society.

Becoming the Authentic Self: A Journey into the Unknown"Fire," Sh'allah calls as a sphere of water passes from her hand to Manoe's. The scintillating globe transfigures itself into a ... ansfigures itself into a fireball at Manoe's will. "Earth," Manoe giggles and tosses it back as the sphere forms into a piece of onyx. "Air," calls as Sh'allah bounces the rock off her finger toward Z ...

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My essay examines the importance western society has placed on beauty and the ever changing ideals imposed upon women.

h century preoccupation with physical appearance. It is a preoccupation that affects women in every sphere, whether they choose to pander to it or not. This essay examines female beauty in the 20th ce ... l features. Skirts became shorter than they had possibly ever been, but in contradiction to the atmosphere of freedom in fashion, feminine curves became unfashionable. Women wore "flatteners" to minim ...

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Jane Addams' concept of "true womanhood"

et forth by the New Women. These ideas of the women suffrages was to keep women in her own separate sphere, but to allow her sphere to grow outside of the home and into the surrounding world. Jane Add ... ocial groups and conjugations allowed women to conjugate with women outside of her previously drawn sphere and in a sense allowed them to rebel. Nevertheless, this form of rebellion was caused by know ...

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Biography of the greek mathematician Pythagoras

orter it is makes a difference in the tune of the note.In astronomy, he taught that the earth was a sphere, and in math he compared the difference between composite and prime numbers, discovered irrat ...

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Influences on Finland by Russia and Sweden and the new identity of Finland since its independence.

ia. The western and southern parts of Finland were tied to Sweden and the Western European cultural sphere, while eastern Finland, i.e. Karelia, became part of the Russo-Byzantine world.As a consequen ...

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Bantu Education and source analysis. An analysis of Dr. Verwoerd's policies on the Bantu people during apartheid.

cation must train and teach people in accordance with their opportunities in life, according to the sphere in which they live." Reading between the lines, Dr. Verwoerd is saying that the Bantu are an ...

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Managing Organisations.

ps formation (e.g. customer group, process, place) can be inserted. As a result, a double influence sphere can be recognised where the corresponding team or employee is. The employees stand therewith ...

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Can Descartes be certain that he is thinking? How? Can he be certain that he exists? How? (And who is he?)

o how far he overcomes the universal doubt he has introduced in the first meditation. It is in this sphere of meaning that "I" becomes very relevant as it is possible to argue that his use of "I" demo ... the use of "I". Firstly that the "I" is a replacement for "here" in terms of providing a necessary sphere in which two thoughts such as "I think" and "I exist" can be related to each other. However, ...

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Total War in the Twentieth century has proved to be an agency of social division rather than of national integration.

otal War has been described as war which "draws from every political, social, economic and cultural sphere of a nation state" . The first major example of this is the First World War. It is clear that ...

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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a matrix structure in organisations.

ps formation (e.g. customer group, process, place) can be inserted. As a result, a double influence sphere can be recognised where the corresponding team or employee is. The employees stand therewith ...

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Bookreport on Abbot's book Flatland. Topics outlined are: the narrator(his conflicts too), class structure, recognition, interesting facts, fate of narrator. Cover Included (the unique cover by me).

d, which has 1 dimension, and he sees Pointland, which has no dimensions. A. Square is visited by a Sphere, who shows him Spaceland or 3 dimensions. He is chosen to preach the Gospel of Three Dimensio ... d not explain Flatland to the king of Lineland, and he could not understand the revelation from the sphere until he went to Spaceland. In a dream the narrator visits Lineland, a world of only one dime ...

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Outline three criticisms of natural law and then defend natural law against these criticisms.

an actions and lives in juxtaposition with laws that have been set forth by humans and the judicial sphere. The theory of natural law is very controversial, in which the subject matter is very much cr ...

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The Inevitable Truth.

ould take me down; I was meeting new people at school, and I felt pride in everything. This perfect sphere I lived in was crumbled on the day of September 11, 2001 when chills of fear overtook my spin ...

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Soociological theory

g through the actions of shifting network connections.I conceptualized the notion of publics as the sphere of intersections between culture and identity, and between social organizational and cognitiv ... when the subject is involved that the rich activities of network intersections create communicative spheres of publics. When networks increase their density and multiplicity in a society, the society ...

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The Women's Sphere in the American Revolution

re not publicly able to participate fully in the debates over the revolution. However, in their own sphere, and sometimes out of it, woman participated fully in the revolution in all the ways that the ... they performed jobs usually done by male soldiers.Women were generally not active in the political sphere, but there were some exceptions. A famous instance of this was Abigail Adams, the wife of Joh ...

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The American Businessman: Industrial Innovator or Robber Baron?

rial innovators by others. A baron is "one having great wealth, power, and influence in a specified sphere of activity: an oil baron." Therefore the robber barons that these men were looked upon as we ...

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A Collation of Whitman and Dickinson:

nes between self and nature. She pushed to a greater distance than Whitman does into the subjective sphere of self-doubt and of chaos. (Keller8) She wrote her poetry for herself rather than others. Wh ...

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Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) essay

"In the moral sphere a man must act in accordance with his ideas, and in the course of action his ideas themselves ...

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