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Phantom Menace Vs Star Wars

The Star Wars Saga In May of 1999, George Lucas released his highly anticipated Star Wars Episode I The ... tar Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace (TPM) to a bag of mixed reviews. Some were pleased that a new Star Wars had finally hit their local multiplex, while others where unhappy that after waiting 16 ye ... of fans off. The biggest downfall in TPM is the characters aren't as accessible as the first three Star Wars films, and Episode IV A New Hope (ANH), in particular.The first pair of characters to be e ...

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Racism in Star Wars

lticulturalismMarch 14th 2012Wodziak` The movie I chose to relate to our multiculturalism class was Star Wars; while this may seem trivial I will show how a seemingly innocent movie contains prevalent ... acted notions that underlie characters and scenes, they exist and can been seen in every one of the Star Wars films. However, there is one movie within the saga, The Phantom Menace, which contains vas ...

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