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Arab Isreali 6 day War

d a state on May 14, 1948, according to the UN partition plan of 1947. Within 24 hours of declaring statehood, the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq invaded the country, forcing Israel ...

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Hawaii: The Big Five

- -Prologue of HistoryUntil statehood, Hawaii was ruled economically by a consortium of corporations known as the 'Big Five': C. ... even through marriage was hardly possible. The only time they were successfully challenged prior to statehood was when Sears, Roebuck and Co. opened a store on Oahu. Closing ranks, the Big Five decree ... 's freight. When Sears threatened to buy its own steamship line, the Big Five relented. In the end, statehood, and more to the point, tourism, broke their oligarchy. After 1960 too much money was at s ...

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Jobless in Paradise Hawaii's economy has changed drastically since statehood.

Jobless in ParadiseHawaii's economy has changed drastically since statehood. In 1958, defense, sugar, and pineapple were the primary economic activities, accounting f ... uct (GSP). In contrast, visitor-related expenditures stood at just over 4% of Hawaii's GSP prior to statehood. Today the positions are reversed; sugar and pineapple constitute about 1% of GSP, defense ...

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Rabbinical Judaism.

Judaism may be defined as 'the culture of a people, a people for whom the idea of statehood is important, and who in the past have existed as a nation in their land, or have enjoyed ...

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Serial Killers.

February 2, 1848 after the Mexican-American war California achieved statehood. Nine days later gold was found in California. November 1849 California was ratified, and ...

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"Why is a Christian a Friend of Israel?".

ld, again into the land of Israel - a prophecy that was miraculously fulfilled when Israel declared Statehood in 1948 (Read Ezekiel 36 - 39); 3) The Bible foretells that the Kingdom of God will be rul ...

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Presentation on California - Compares MICHIGAN to Cali towards end, so watch out!

it is 3rd, with a mass of 163,707 square miles.The wonderful state of California finally gained its statehood on the 9th of September, in the year of 1850. The name itself is known all around the worl ...

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MISSISSIPPI "Magnolia state" Dec. 10, 1817

ntire western boundary, and the Pearl River forms part of the southern boundary.General information:Statehood: Dec. 10, 1817, the 20th state.State abbreviations: Miss. (traditional); MS (postal).State ... 802 the capital was moved to nearby Washington.1817Mississippi became the 20th state on December 10.Statehood. In 1817, Congress divided the Mississippi Territory into the state of Mississippi and the ...

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Kurdistan: Federalism within Iraq or Independence?

e states. However, the breakdown of the state is not just a result of the aspirations of nations to statehood. Rather, the failure of states to provide adequate government for the nations, tribes, and ... o the inability of states to govern adequately. Thus, in order to prevent all nations from desiring statehood, a liberal approach, emphasizing democracy and power-sharing must be established.A premier ...

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America's Expansion in the 1800s

ere bound to form; however problems between the North and South did arise. When Missouri issued for statehood in 1820, there was controversy on whether it would be a free state or slave state. Norther ...

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Impact the American Settlers had on the West

letion of the railroad however, encouraged more settlers to move west, more territories applied for statehood and it unified the country connecting the East and the West. With the growth of tow ...

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Isarel and palestine terrorism

ine, and later, by Israelis.These attacks were not all directly connected with the "mainstream" pre-Statehood Jewish leadership, who condemned these attacks publicly, and often extradited their member ... e formal Jewish leadership and its underground counterparts. See also: terrorism against Israel.Pre-Statehood Jewish terrorismIn the 1930s and 1940s, two Jewish underground organizations, the Irgun Zv ...

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Almaty and the two tourist pearls of Republic of Kazakhstan.

. Nazarbaev, the president of Kazakhstan, had said: "Almaty City is a gold cradle of the Kazakhstan statehood. This is a jack from which our independence has flied up, and Kazakhstan became known to a ...

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Ratification of the Versailles Treaty

d any part if the unconditional surrender, the Entente would occupy Germany and end its newly-found statehood. Unwilling to risk this, Germany was forced to succumb to a number of harsh, infuriating d ...

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Nevada vs Federal Government: Balance of Power

In 1862, the hard-fought citizens of the Nevada territory met in a legislative session to discuss statehood. In 1863, in an election unauthorized by Congress, support for statehood was eminent as 6 ... s voted for it against 1,502 opposing voters . In a series of attempts through legislation to gain statehood, a main concern that arose was the responsibilities required of becoming a state as oppose ...

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The Future Of Puerto Rico

e world, others consider Commonwealth to be "The best of two worlds"�. Between independence, statehood and the continuance of Commonwealth there has been much debate to which is more beneficial ... al pride or economic stability.Having done some outside research I have come to the conclusion that Statehood under certain terms would be the best solution. If Puerto Rico became a state, it would be ...

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Slavery In The Colonies

ed States were based on the topic of slavery.In 1817, the Missouri territorial assembly applied for statehood and since slaves were already present in the territory, Congress would be required to take ... o upset the balance of power between sections. In February of 1820, after receiving application for statehood from Maine, a compromise was made. Missouri would be admitted as a slave state and Maine a ...

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Lithuania - The Country Of My Birth

dated back to the time of Grand Duke Algirdas, to 1366. In 1918 Vytis became the foremost symbol of statehood of Lithuania. The current state flag was created in 1918. The colours of the flag symbolis ...

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Washington D.C. Should Be Granted Statehood

Waiting to EruptIntroductionTo many in Washington, D.C., there is no bigger civil rights issue that statehood. Unlike states, D.C. does not have a governor, state legislature or General Assembly, sena ... even though D.C. is fully capable of operating as a 51st state. If D.C. is ever destined to achieve statehood, its residents must do more than voice their political concerns via bumper stickers and we ...

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Dred Scott Research Paper

’s, the expansion of slavery in America was a major issue as new territories were applying for statehood. The issue concerning the fate of these territories led to clashes between proslavery and ...

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