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Civil War Facts

fought for the protection of the south which contributed to the Civil War3) Henry Clay: (1777-1852) Statesman. Leader of the wing party. Clay played a central role on the stage of national politics fo ...

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The life of Julius Caeser

n Empire because of his strength and his strong warstrategies.Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman whose dictatorship waspivotal in Rome's transition from republic to empire. When he was yo ...

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Caesar: A Man of Power. History essay proving why Julius Caesar was a great leader and so successful in his political rise in Rome.

for Caesar to gain respect and notoriety. As an orator and politician, military general, writer and statesman he excelled. He studied both Greek and Latin literature as well as philosophy and, most im ...

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Thomas More, about what he did in his life and why he was so hard to put down by the Catholic Church and many of his former friends in the English government

re was born in London, England in 1478. He wastruly one to represent the age he lived in, a lawyer, statesman,humanist, ascetic, advocate for equal rights for women, anenlightened teacher, Henry the 8 ...

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Thomas Jefferson

yed the political precedent who can be seen throughout his administration. Jefferson was an admired statesman who was grappling unsuccessfully with the moral issue of slavery. Thomas Jefferson, the au ...

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Alexander the Great as a Soldier and a Statesmen.

risks, displaying his irresponsibly at the same time. It is much harder to evaluate Alexander as a statesman. He had only just finished conquering his empire, and many of his administration could be ... in praising his military tactics, one must not forget the strategic blunders. In all his work as a statesman time and time again one sees his good intentions but detects in Alexander a lack of insigh ...

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The Age of Pericles from (461-429 B.C.).

Greece during Age of PericlesA wise and able statesman named Pericles led Athens during its golden age. Honest and fair, Pericles held onto popul ...

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Julius Caesar as a general.

sly debated. Although Plutarch believed that Caesar "was admirably fitted by nature to make a great statesman and orator , others deem him to be "a monster of crime, with hardly a redeeming quality, d ... cing the liberties of his country to an inordinate ambition." Others portray him as a "broad-minded statesman, who saw that, in the anarchy arising from the strife of parties, Rome's great need was a ...

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Biography of Colin Powell.

COLIN POWELL: STATESMAN/SOLDIER"America stands ready to help any country that wishes to join the democratic world, ... A forum where representatives of the United States congress speak.*Means - BIOGRAPHY - Colin Powell Statesman/Soldier - Soldier/Statesman*Bonnie Barnes - My mother, interview*U.S.D.S. WEB - United Sta ...

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The Seven Pillars of Life

seemed at hand: "The ability to reproduce--that is the essential characteristic of life," said one statesman of science. Everyone nodded in agreement that the essential of a life was the ability to r ...

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Short assignment on Lorenzo De Medici.

49 in Florence, Italy. "Lorenzo The Magnificent," as he was called by the people of Florence, was a statesman, ruler, and patron of the arts. "The Magnificent" was a common title of respect in Italy a ...

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Benjamin Franklin and his Life long Story" I will write as if i am Benjamin to make it better understood. expect in the hook Sentence. Also i will name what am, talking about.

contribution to the economy every time we use a $100 bill: Ben's face appears on it.(Benjamin as a statesman)When I was born, America was made up of thirteen colonies that were ruled by England. Trou ...

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Biography of Benjamin Franklin

was a very knowledgeable and talented man. He was everything from being a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist. Living with his grandson Temple, ...

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Bismarck and the German Empire. A deatiled story about Bismarck and his role in history.

ance was acknowledged by everyone. Bismarck was offended called by many people and historians as "a statesman who suppresses everything that he can imagine". (ix) Bismarck was born in 1815, became Pru ...

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This was about the famous Roman General and statesman, Julius Caear. This covers almost everything about his life from his early political career to his assassination.

Empire because of his strength and his strong war strategies.Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman whose dictatorship was pivotal in Rome's transition from republic to empire. When he was y ...

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Civil war

e American Civil War was a conflict between industry and agriculture.Alexander Stephens, a southern statesman said that the war was about states rights.Horace Greeley, a northern newspaper man, and pr ... its dissident elements into something approaching a team. Certainly he displayed more of first-rate statesmanship than any other person who rose to high position in the CSA (Wiley).What if the South w ...

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Early Logic Machines

e used to solve formal logic problems, was invented in the early 1800s by the British scientist and statesman Charles Stanhope (third Earl of Stanhope). A man of many talents, the Earl designed a devi ...

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Life and times of Charlemagne

harlemagne's control doubled in size thanks to his organization, loyalty and faith. As an ambitious statesman, he gained more power and respect from Europe by working with the Pope to strengthen the H ... stianity, created learning centres, and standardized local laws. Charlemagne's accomplishments as a statesman, and success in improving the welfare of his society were just as important to the success ...

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Julius Caesar: Comparison between Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus. Essay for declaraing who is true tragic hero.

s Porcius Cato the Younger, born in Rome, and educated in law. Julius Caesar is a Roman general and statesman, who laid the foundations of the Roman imperial system. Brutus's honorable ideals leave hi ...

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is known for many things. He is widely known as an inventor and statesman. As an inventor he is known for his Kite flying experiment. As a statesman, Benjamin's gre ... lived by writing as much as he possibly could and did even more. From being a scientist, inventor, statesman, printer, philosopher, musician, and a economist, he has become a very famous man. Benjami ...

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