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Billy Budd - Foreshadowing

which a certain image or event may hint at something that becomes more significant later on in the story.Authors often use different literary devices to grab the reader's attention, or to establish b ... s anything but harsh or brutal in his conduct. But while the name seems ironic at this point in the story, the passage quoted from the poem provides an important piece of foreshadowing. Vere does inde ...

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Symbols of a Great Author

American novelist and short story writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne has captured the hearts and imagination of America. Through his vi ... ugh his vivid writing style and mystifying themes, he has become one of America's most famous short story authors. Though he uses various literary techniques, Hawthorne seems to enjoy using symbolism ... suffering infused the novel with imaginative energy, leading him to describe it as the 'hell-fired story.'"(Abel) On February 3, 1850, Hawthorne read the final pages to his wife. He wrote, "It broke ...

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Jack Nicklaus

Title: Jack Nicklaus: My Story Authors: Jack Nicklaus & Ken Bouden Pages: 505 Publisher: Simon & Shuster, 1997 ...

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Parallels Between Metafictions

as its subject fictional writing and its conventions.? In other words, a metafiction is a fictional story that tells another fictional story. Authors often use these types of stories to effectively ex ... aley through similar situations within the stories, a common theme about looking past the plot of a story, and a common theme about endings.One of the similarities between the two stories is the way t ...

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