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The Empires of Asia

d a state in Anatolia, now Turkey, in the late 1200's.- The Ottomans claimed to be the champions of Sunni Islam. In 1453, Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire ...

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Discuss the Main Problems between the Sunni and Shi'i Islam.

ys in which these principles or customs should be interpreted emerged in the form of the four major Sunni 'schools of law or jurisprudence' (or madh'hab). These were in addition to the Shi'i schools, ... us Muslim sects within these two divisions of Islam. However regardless of how many sects each has, Sunnis make up ninety per cent of the Muslim population, while the Shias make up approximately the o ...

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How Pakistan's National Identity has been infringed upon via religious conflicts between sunni and shia muslims

tan's national identity has been undermined by the separatist religious factions of the Shi'iah and Sunni Muslim clans and enhanced by the use of madrasas, schools that teach and support Sunni Islam. ... country in which all religions were to be tolerated, then why the intra-religious conflict between Sunni and Shi'iah Muslims which egregiously embarrasses the founding of Pakistan?The majority of the ...

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Syrian Religion

all Muslim; it actually has at least 3 different religions. There are the Alawites, the Shi'i, and Sunnis to mention a couple. These are all very unique religions differing from each other in very un ... where they have been the state religion since back in the 16th century AD. There is also the Sunnis. The Sunni Muslims are the largest religious group in Syria. 80% are native Syrian Arabs, and ...

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Three main types of Muslims. The Shia The Sunni and the Wahabi

There are three main types of islam the Shia and the Sunni and the Wahabi although we say the Wahabia are non muslims because they kill the sunni and the ... se they kill the sunni and the shia.The shias and the suunis are closely related but there are some sunnis that think that we shia are kafur (Non Muslims)because the ignorant sunnis think we think tha ... h do Matham meaning beat ourselves this is beacuse we mourn for Imam Hussain and his family but the sunni think this is wrong because they think we are mutilating ourselves but we are in actual fact f ...

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Islamic Sects

sults of these saw the division of the great Islamic Umma, (community) into two major branches, the Sunnites and the Shiites, and numerous offshoots, some of which are today seen to be more similar to ... strife which in some cases crumbled the very foundations of the Islamic Umma and Muslim belief. The Sunnites for instance affirmed that when stricken by his last illness the Prophet from his death bed ...

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Would a democracy succeed in Iraq?

e but he will be unable to because the people will not know what they truly want in their lives.The Sunni Kurds, Sunni Arabs, and the Shiites are divided into three regions of Iraq. These three region ...

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Population of Bahrain

ies to the last stage which is over 65 years.Bahraini citizens are Muslim; most 81.2 % are Shea and Sunnis, but most of the percent is Shea, and 9%, of Christian, and other religions 9.8% (2001 census ...

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Iraqi Nationalism-Chris Hardy

rial officials” (Pfaff: 1). The British made a country containing two major Islamic sects, the Sunni and the Shi'a, who are rival sects of Islam. The Sunnis, who are the larger sect as a whole, a ... sects of Islam. The Sunnis, who are the larger sect as a whole, are a minority in Iraq though many Sunnis refuse to accept it. The Shi’a, however are a smaller sect of Islam but hold the majorit ...

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The Relationship Between State and Religion in Turkey: Is Turkey a Secular State?

ent of the relationship between religion and state, as it enabled the state to place religion (i.e. Sunni Islam) under its very strict guidance. This laiklik arrangement of course does not match at al ... es do not only illustrate this further, they also show that the Turkish state uses its control over Sunni Islam in its own, sometimes non-religious, interests. With a budget of some 2 billion US dolla ...

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Is the world changing for the better?

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