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Product Loyalty of Tampax Tampons: Why I remain loyal - discusses history of, product development, and development of loyalty

want of a consumer (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007).In the following paragraphs I will discuss Tampax Tampons, a product that I have been loyal to for years. I will explain the reasons for my loyalty, t ... of why the research I did helped me to better understand my loyalty.My LoyaltyI am loyal to Tampax Tampons for various reasons. The first reason is that this product actually works. I have tried othe ...

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Tambrands that produces tampons, facing culture problem when it markets the product globally

(Cateora, 2004). Procter and Gamble, after having acquired the company under the brand name Tampex. Tampons are a substitute for female sanitary pads; however its use requires insertion. However, in m ... ity of using the approach taken in Venezuela and Mexico to educate Brazilian consumer in the use of tampons.This will report will explain the relationship between culture and innovation and then proce ...

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The Black Balloon

e confidently accepts Charlie. This is represented in the scene where Charlie pops up with Jackie's tampon sticking out of his mouth. After Thomas tackles Charlie down and rips the tampon out, placing ...

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