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Capital Punishment

Capital PunishmentHave you been wondering where all our tax dollars are going to these days? A large amount of it is going towards maintaining murderers, ra ... necessity.If capital punishment was enforced for severe crimes, it would eliminate a fair amount of tax money going towards the judiciary system. If a prison were to maintain a deadly criminal sentenc ... adly criminal sentenced for life starting at the age of thirty and living to seventy, it would cost tax payers an unbelievable amount of two million one hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars. It is ...

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Investing in the future: welfare programs, includes a personal experience

e for themselves and their children with minimal government assistance, and spending other people's tax dollars to assist the less fortunate only makes the problem worse. The main problem with this li ... t programs, and this is being met with much opposition. People feel that they shouldn't have to use tax dollars to provide a meal for children that they should receive before they get to school. But, ...

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It is in Support of the Death Penalty. Its an unreaserched essay

man who committed the crime will no longer be a threat to them or society. It also helps us save on tax dollars and be at peace with our conscience that one killer less will no longer be out in the st ... ocent people and could of cared less of their destiny.The death penalty would save us citizens many tax dollars. Not only do we have to feed and provide extra facilities for the criminals but we also ...

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Gray Wolves Becoming a Problem in the U.S.

nvironment, but if the numbers of wolves becomes to highthey be permitted to hunt instead of paying tax dollars for the government to hire sharpshooters to keep the numbers down, to have the males or ... trapping of gray wolves. Motions like this are set fourth for not justthe hunters' sake but for the taxpayers as well. Removing the gray wolf from theendangered species list is an excellent achievemen ...

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The necessity of a US census in todays world.

important because you don't realize how our nation would function differently without one. It means tax dollars for public programs get directed where they need to go! Do you think the politicians sho ...

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something the government should be involved in. It is something I can tolerate but I do not want my tax dollars going to fund it. What stand am I going to take on this issue? I am not sure I have a st ...

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What does it mean to you to be a US Citizen?

I think that the three most important duties of the United States Citizens are to vote, pay taxes, and to obey authority. These three duties are a necessity to the functioning of the country a ... als appointed other officials and the people did not vote we would have no democracy.Without paying taxes the government would not be able to employ its officials or pay for the roads we drive on and ...

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Prison and the Alternatives: Is Incarceration the Answer to Crime?

ome of the questions raised by individuals who are legitimately concerned not only with where their tax dollars are going, but also with what is being done to break the cycle of crime within their rep ... costly, and it wastes prison space. An individual incarcerated in a federal prison today costs the taxpayer $24,783 per year (Corrections Compendium 23). These offenders could undergo corrections and ...

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The Relevance of the Modern Welfare State

who want a moral government. This moral government is one that cares for its citizens and that put tax dollars towards the care of the most downtrodden of society. The modern welfare state was implem ... mperament that various countries are unable to escape. This limits the state policies, mostly about taxations and the labour market. The second factor for retrenchment is the theory made by political ...

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Accounting Ethics Article Review.

efrauded individual employees of funds they thought where safe, and defrauded our government out of tax dollars. No one knows what drives these individuals but it is an uncomfortable trend to see when ...

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The Death Penalty (essay gives reasons for and against capital punishment).

ore pressure on things. In addition, whether a person is given life in prison or the death penalty, tax dollars will pay for it. According to a 1998 report from the Death Penalty Information Center, " ... dence to support this assumption. People stay on death row for up to 20 years if not more. It costs tax dollars to keep them and even more money for the execution. According to Justice William J. Bren ...

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Are you O.K? - A satire on how people ask if you are okay when you clearly are not

was conducted by the AASTWYTDSDGAHA3SMTPE or the American Association of Scientists That Waste Your Tax Dollars on Stuff like Do Goldfish Actually Have a 3 Second Memory and the Placebo Effect. The st ...

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The Big Retailer

ered into a small city. With Wal-Mart expanding into rural areas, many issues will accompany it.Our tax-dollars are paying for Wal-Mart's greed. Wal-Mart promises, "Always low prices." What many consu ... Mart promises are below the poverty line for a family of three. The second wage that we pay for, as tax-payers, are the health care needs of Wal-Mart employees. Since the annual wages of the sales ass ...

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Business problem Analysis in Consumer Driven health Plans

can take advantage of a health savings account. A health savings account allows members to save pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses. Companies who offer these plans used the theme of "consumer ...

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Article Review - GDP

onomic production. Government spending is how political figures spend the nation's money, including tax dollars and government revenue. These three issues are intricately linked and provide informatio ... w government spending is related to today's economy, including economic growth, job production, and tax decreases. He explains some of the reasons behind the deficit, according to Congress and politic ...

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ot has changed in education since 1994, especially the price of a private education. With that many tax dollars at your disposal you think she could get more recent information.Her idea of a voucher i ...

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Baning Cigarettes

blic places. There has always been pressure from health organizations but with the recent uproar of taxpayers, governments have looked for a quick fix to the problem of accommodating the smoker and no ... vernments have looked for a quick fix to the problem of accommodating the smoker and non-smoker. As taxpayers have learned how many of their tax dollars are going towards the treatment of people with ...

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Argument essay on Telecommuting

the need to commute to work and thus is the result of fewer congested roads. Natural resources and tax dollars would be saved because there would be no need to expand roads to accommodate for the mor ...

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The Forgotten (Persuasive essay for prison education)

r failing prison system is to fund the creation of new educational programs for inmates through our tax dollars.According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, "In 2005, over 7 million people were ... tion's ability to focus on more effective strategies to promote public safety" (Vicini). Why should taxpayers continue to fund a system that has constantly proven to be completely ineffective? Instead ...

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Cellular service and cable reception comes from the very own satellites we helped to build with our tax dollars. Thank god we still listen to radio free of charge. Well, let me not mention that too lo ...

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