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The Great Bear Hunt

the tribes. Therewere a lot of animals in the Rocky mountains. There were wild cows, wild birds andtigers. The most important and hard to capture was the bear. If a tribe caught a bear theyearned a l ...

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During the day a Tiger may rest in the shade, or lie in a quiet pool of water to escape the heat. Tigers like water, and are very good swimmers. Northern Tigers undertake long migrations. These migr ... are not harmful and do not dampen their activities ( Mammals Multimedia Encyclopedia 1990). Tigers usually live and hunt alone. When they hunt they can leap 5 to 6 or jump as far as 10 meters. ...

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Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" "Write a poetry response outlining the language and imagery of the text"

"Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is a vexing poem, which centres on desires, and the depressingly harsh realities of Aunt Jen ... nd the depressingly harsh realities of Aunt Jennifer's existence, using sharp contrasts between the tigers that she sews, and herself. The tigers that she stitches appear to be everything that she's n ... t Jennifer desires to be like them. The narrator infers indirectly that she makes a screen with the tigers on it, to fulfil her desires of being fearless, but because she is being suffocated presumabl ...

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Explication of Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"

e, tone and her sympathy is apparent because she herself is a female. Rich's poem, "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is about the trials of an older woman in distress because her marriage is in trouble, and sh ... eave her husband. The most apparent point in the poem is the ongoing contrast between the fictional tigers and Aunt Jennifer.The tigers represent a powerful character created by Aunt Jennifer through ...

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This essays describes the life of a tiger. Very detailed explanation of physical characteristics, life style, habitat, and current statistics on the endangered species.

Tigers: The Silent AssassinsArmed with razor like teeth and retractile claws in addition to their ke ... Silent AssassinsArmed with razor like teeth and retractile claws in addition to their keen senses, tigers are silent assassins on top of the food chain. The magnificent striped panthera tigris, origi ... nce ranged an enormous span of the earth's surface. Over the past century, it is estimated that the tigers habitat and numbers have been depleted by up to 95%. Having been greatly limited as a result ...

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How to write a compare/contrast essay.

r presenting similarities using seemingly dissimilar things. You can compare the approach a pack of tigers uses for hunting down an antelope with techniques football players use to gain control of the ...

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Tiger Woods

ds is as unique as a fingerprint.C.Due to time constraints, I will limit my focus to three areas of Tigers life. First, I would like to present a few interesting points regarding Tiger's background. N ...

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Escape from Oppression - An essay which uses two literarty works to explore the theme of women's oppression from a feminist perspective (using feminist criticism)

"Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" by Adrienne Rich tells of the repressed Aunt Jennifer who produces scenes representing freed ... f her continual oppression by rejecting their insignificance.Rich begins her poem by describing the tigers of Aunt Jennifer's tapestry. They are vibrant and powerful with no fear of men. One begins to ... ins to feel that Aunt Jennifer, as the artist, must be a free spirit because she can dream of those tigers. They are above the men who want to hunt them and therefore out of reach. This confirms the f ...

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The Jaguar, by Ted Hughes

stanza. The use of enjambment further reinforces the sense of motionlessness of these animals. The tigers and lions, animals that are thought of as fierce and ferocious, as described here as sleeping ...

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How to hire the right personnel.

ll the new-employee training in the world won't bail you out. Or, as someone once said, if you hire tigers and train them, all you have is trained tigers.Hiring TechniquesHere are some basic technique ...

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Feminism Through Adrienne Rich

le strength. She was married and a closet lesbian but found courage in her poetry. "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" and "Diving into the Wreck" both talk about feminism and the struggle of everyday life for w ... t things that have nothing to do with it. She was married when she wrote her first "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" and used Aunt Jennifer in the third person as her oppressed woman. In "Diving into the Wreck ...

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"My parents kept me from children who were rough" by Stephen Spender

t what the boys do to the boy himself. The boy shows his fear of them by saying "I feared more than tigers their muscles like iron." He says they make fun of him.At the end he writes about what th ...

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Adrienne Rich's Aunt Jennifer's Tigers

Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is a very structured poem. Each verse contains exactly four lines, while every second line r ... ontains exactly four lines, while every second line rhymes with the previous line. "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" portrays an image of a wife dismayed with her married life. One can interpret from this poem ... d she calls her reality. She escapes her harsh world through her stitching and needlepoint, and the tigers that she creates are everything that she is not. Rich uses comparison to convey to us the dif ...

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Half A Pi To A Wiseman.

body thinks they knowI don'tNever didQuestions are my answersI met the wisest manBy butterflies and tigersSaid forget everything I knowSaid all we keep is fool's goldI got up forgot the entire wayRubb ...

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"The Tiger's Heart"

The most important theme in the short story, "The Tigers Heart" is power. Themain character in this story is more powerful than everyone else because ... e from its sheath.Pepe swung his machete with a downward motion and stopped just before hitting the tigers back. Pepe knew the only way to kill the tiger would be to thrust the blade into the beast's ...

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Comparative Commentary: extracts from "The Life of Mammals" by David Attenborough and "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel

The two texts being compared are texts about tigers. Text A is an extract from The Life of Mammals by David Attenborough, Text B is from Life of ... Life of Mammals by David Attenborough, Text B is from Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The texts discuss tigers and their characteristics, but from very different points of view; Text A is from a non-ficti ... ; Text A is from a non-fictional book of mammals, Text B is a passage from a novel.Text A describes tigers from a distance. The extract involves statistical details about the body size, shape and fur ...

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Clone Yourself

rtantly, the future.By being able to clone living organisms, we can help endangered species such as tigers and many other nearly extinct animals from being wiped from the face of earth. The idea does ...

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Blake's "The Garden of Love"

st often in regular rhythm, seemingly sticking to the rules, blunt observations on such subjects as tigers, lambs and roses. At first glance one might think it was supposed to be a dismal look on how ...

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What Contrasting Ideas Can You Find In 'The Lamb' And 'The Tiger'?

s a symbol of innocence and represents all that is good in the world. However, when people think of tigers, their thoughts could not be more different. They think of a ruthless killing machine, an unt ...

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Cultural Attitudes Towards Women Demonstrated In Poetry

en time. I believe that the poems "To His Coy Mistress"� by Andrew Marvell, "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"� by Adrienne Rich, and "Barbie Doll"� by Marge Piercy all demonstrate the cult ... be with him right then.A poem very different from "To His Coy Mistress"� is "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"� by Adrienne Rich. It is very clear that these two poems were written in two very dif ...

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