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Human Biology

rmation and storage of glycogen, and increase or suppress the body's ability to respond to stress, (Tortora and Grabowski.2001). The anterior pituitary lobe may release the chemical prolactin or PRL w ... a chemical that is required for the development of T- lymphocytes used in cell mediated immunity, (Tortora and Grabowski.2001). T- lymphocytes, a heterogeneous group of cells, are essential in protec ...

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Information on maximal oxygen uptake

According to tortora (2000)"Maximal oxygen uptake can be defined as the maximal amount of oxygenthat can be taken ... obic glycolysis for energy generation, yielding lactate as a metabolic byproduct, causing fatigue. (Tortora,2003

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A written account of Laboratory work: Body Temperature.

constricting to decrease the transfer of heat from internal organs to the skin (Vasoconstriction). Tortora and Anagnostakos (1994) further suggest that heat is also gained via sympathetic stimulation ...

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Upper and Lower motor neurons

uro.htm of Anatomy and Physiology. Tortora, Gerard J, Derrickson, Brian. Chapter 16, pg. 560.Neuropathology 300 notesNeuroanatomy 300 notes

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Tempeh Fermentation

. 2004, Biotecnología alimentaria, LIMUSA, 5° reimpresión, México, pp. 268.Tortora. 2007. Introducción a la microbiología. Novena edición. Editorial medic ...

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