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Canada-U.S. unemployment rates. Why is Canada's so high?

ay excellent work-now take on the critics!!For decades prior to the 1981-82 recession, the national unemployment rates of Canada and the United States had been nearly identical. Since then, a persiste ... ince then, a persistent 'unemployment rate gap' has emerged. Throughout most of the 1980s, Canada's unemployment rate has consistently been about 2 percentage points higher than in the United States. ...

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Can we make ends meet?

years, the government has run budgetdeficits as a primary method for stimulating economies with highunemployment rates. In theory, the budget should return to balance orsurplus during boom times.Accor ... rity tax revenues drop, due tofalling wages and profits. Meanwhile, costs for some programs,such as unemployment compensation, rise.These changes automatically put the federal budget into deficit,even ...

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This essay describes the economic political cycles in the United States over the last 50 years in reference to Democratic and Republican parties

ell use the partisan theory and show the correlation between left wing (democratic) parties and low unemployment rates, as well as the correlation between right wing (republican) parties and low infla ... ing level of inflation, and during democratic presidencies we will see a low or decreasing level of unemployment In this paper we will analyze the presidential regimes from 1959 onwards, and by using ...

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Canada - The benefits of immigration

and understanding of different nations.First, some people say that increased migration means higher unemployment rates. In fact, the majority of people come here to work, to start a new life. As stati ...

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Importance of the Federal Market Commitee

part of the Federal Reserve is vital towards our economy. Their efforts show direct results on our unemployment rates, economic growth, and the stabilization of prices. While some may argue that unem ...

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This essay is about the way in which technology has shaped our society

e gigantic losses on the New York Stock Markets, the economy was on its way to an all time low. The unemployment rates were astronomically high, leading to even worse conditions.'But why did this happ ... vide the same amount of products with fewer workers on the land. This lead to the gigantically high unemployment rates, which on its turn lead to an extremely high amount of overproduction (after all, ...

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Report on the 1980 Election.

s can be compared to the industrial revolution where the rich got richer and the poor got laid off. Unemployment continued to rise almost as much as inflation. The American people were cynical. Voters ... tizens of America looked impassively to President Jimmy Carter to restrain the rising inflation and unemployment rates. If the citizens had any expectations, they were unjustly disappointed.With the t ...

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The effects of the great depression of 1929 on Democracy in Germany.

ussions caused by the depression. These consequences devastated the lives of the German population. Unemployment rates for the era of 1929-1934 show the rapid deterioration of the economic climate. In ... n employable people were unemployed. In September 1930, these figures rose to 3 million and by 1934 unemployment escalated to 7.5 million. Due to the democratic nature of the Reichstag, that is, that ...

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Unemployment in Australia

Unemployment in AustraliaUnemployment happens for a mixture of reasons. It is not only hard on the p ... al adversity for our government and economy. The government has tactics to approaching the costs of unemployment in Australia.Unemployment refers to those people who are willing and able to work, acti ... able to work, actively seeking work but are unable to find employment. Australia's current rate of unemployment is 6 per cent compared to our country's high of 11 per cent in 1992. In the last four e ...

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The great depression: includes quotes, background info, main research info, an analysis, and a source list

uns crazy. The Great Depression is the worst economic period the United States has every faced. The unemployment rates were at their highest ever and tons of people lost their life savings. No one was ... er is to explore The Great Depression and show how the United States was in a period of poverty and unemployment.Part One: Background InformationIt is in the 1920's. It is a time of great mass culture ...

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A economic success in Ireland will be useful for New Zealand.

formed its economy over the past couple of decades to turn a previously slumping economy, with high unemployment and high dependence on agricultural sectors into a booming economy, attractive to forei ... lopment has been swift and violent recently and the inflation has been controlled well. The rate of unemployment dropped to some extent too in the past several years. The government has had budget sur ...

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Undocumented Immigrants

and language at stake. 8-13 million of these people are taking jobs from citizens, thus increasing unemployment rates in the U.S. Also if they keep up their growth, Native Americans will eventually d ...

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The causes of the depression

erent industries such as agriculture and finance bringing them down to an almost standstill causing unemployment rates to increase and consumer demand to decrease.The causes of the great depression ar ...

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Unemployment in Ireland

UNEMPLOYMENTReasons for unemployment:(1) ECONOMIC RECESSIONThis is when consumer spending falls and ... ending falls and workers are laid off leading to a decrease in circulation of money causing further unemployment.Competition from free trade after 1972 caused firms to close and unemployment began to ... en multinational companies pulled out and new multinational companies failed to invest.(2) SEASONAL UNEMPLOYMENTThis is when workers are laid off during slack periods of the year eg. After January sal ...

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Impact of Unemployment on Healthcare Insurance

The interpretation of unemployment statistics requires information on both unemployment and labor force participation. For ... the workforce decreases, and the number of people out of work or seeking work remains the same, the unemployment rate will rise. People who are unemployed have poorer physical and mental health than p ... People who are unemployed have poorer physical and mental health than people who are employed. High unemployment rates usually mean that a large number of jobless workers and their families have lost ...

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Was there passive resistance in Nazi Germany?

rmany was in a horrible state. Even before Nazi rule, their popularity was directly proportional to unemployment rates and common unhappiness. In the first years the unemployed were made to work at wa ... d common unhappiness. In the first years the unemployed were made to work at wages lower than their unemployment benefit doing work that was hard and tiring, sometimes having to move to another town. ...

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for low prices. But, the economy is unstable, disparity is prominent, and there tends to be higher unemployment rates. This system was one founded and promoted by Adam Smith, who believed that the ec ... and that state-controlled income will benefit the whole nation equally. Socialism generally has low unemployment rates. It also experiences fewer booms and busts, making the economy more stable. But t ...

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Is the UK Economy in a Worse Position Now Than it was Twelve Months Ago?

hat I shall be using to gauge how well the UK's economy is faring are inflation (both RPI and CPI), unemployment rates, balance of payments and economic growth.I shall begin by evaluating inflation. R ... import goods from which can cause a recession.The next economic indicator that I shall be using is unemployment rates. In the second quarter of 2004, the working age employment rate was 74.6% compare ...

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Roosevelt's New Deal.

Great Depression, the economy had ground to a halt as a result of the stock market crashing and the unemployment rates skyrocketed as businesses shut down. Only a very small portion of the population ... ncial landslide.Gradually stabilizing businesses would consequently help to slowly turn the tide of unemployment. The unemployed men and many unemployed women would also be given opportunities through ...

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Corporate Aviation in Today's Economy

e increases in corporate profits.The second factor is the corporate outlook-based on profit levels, unemployment rates, and other indicators healthy enough to consider expanding operations enough to a ...

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