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Explains history and simple properties of Density. Relates to a science project on why some crayons float and some sink using the scientific method.

bathtub and ran down the street naked yelling "Eureka," which means "I found it," the principles of water displacement and buoyancy have been understood. In order to determine that King Heiro's crown ... ith gold, Archimedes needed two measurements, volume and density.When a solid object is immersed in water, it moves the same amount of water that it occupies as a solid object. The space that somethin ...

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Density Lab

got the objects mass in grams on a scale. Then we took each object and measured its volume by using water displacement. To do this you have to take a graduated cylinder and put any amount of water in ... ake a graduated cylinder and put any amount of water in it until you feel necessary to stop putting water in it. Then you record the amount of water. Mark it with a marker so you know where the line i ...

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