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Effects of the French Revolution on British Politics.

rallying behind the government of most of the propertied elite; reduced support for the opposition Whigs; a more marked two-party structure; and a decade of ministerial instability. He argues that al ... tion and its institutions. Edmund Burke lent his support to their actions and the more conservative Whigs, led by the Duke of Portland, aligned themselves with the government, bringing the great major ...

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How could the Walpolean oligarchy be at once exclusive and stable?

How could the Walpolean oligarchy be at once exclusive and stable?The force and longevity of the Whig dominance of politics in Britain at this time, culminating in Walpole's record term of office, ... rm of office, created the most clearly defined period of oligarchical rule in British history. The 'Whig oligarchy' created a powerful and potentially dangerous division in the country, as the Tories ...

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A biography of John Locke.

6 he met Anthony Ashley Cooper, the first earl of Shaftesbury. Later on he became an advisor to the Whig's first earl of Shaftesbury where he lived in 1667. He held several important positions until 1 ...

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The Causes of the Civil War. It is based on the book called The Coming of the Civil war by Michael Perman. It discusses the arguments in the book as to why the war took place.

t believes that the war was caused by human intervention. He claims that as the rivalry between the Whigs and the Democrats started to calm down and the Whig party started to split, the parties needed ...

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Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" and Alexander Pope's " The Rape of the Lock ".

oved during the years he spent in England, working as a secretary for Sir William Temple, a retired Whig diplomat. Their relationship was a bit unbalanced and made Swift leave for Ireland, where he be ... ss he came back to England again and stayed with Sir Temple until Temple's death. Later he left the Whigs and started to support the Tories and was named dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Ireland, wh ...

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Abraham Lincoln His policies in the civil war

ling in politics. In 1834, he was elected to serve in the state legislature, he was registered as a Whig and served for four consecutive terms. In 1836 he got his license in law and made a very good l ...

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Abe Lincoln

incoln, age 24, worked for the state government of Illinois. He was elected to the legislature as a Whig.1836 - On September 9, Lincoln received his law license and is a leader of the Whig party. He f ...

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Foreign policy

o control the entire North American continent and sophisticateor civilize it.In 1844, the prominent Whig leader Henry Clay, was competing with James K. Polk tobecome president of the United States. Po ...

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How successful was Peel's 'Great Ministry' of 1841-46

ion that he would not repeal the Corn Laws although the main reason for this was probably to oppose Whig ideals and to win the elections.Peel's party had of course now become the Conservative party th ... economic state and harvest had also been pretty poor recently. Another serious problem was that the Whigs had left a deficit of over £2,000,000. Peel wanted to solve all this problems and tackle ...

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Political developments in USA, 1854-56

e proving more effective than antislavery and the Republicans in the competition for the collapsing Whig vote. It is unclear precisely which party best commanded the anti-Democratic vote as there was ... the political landscape had cleared sufficiently for the emerging new alignment to be discerned.The Whig party had effectively disappeared.The Democrats, though still with a national constituency, had ...

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Biography of Abraham Lincoln

rs later he was elected to the lower house for the first of four successive terms (until 1841) as a Whig. His membership in the Whig Party was natural. Lincoln's father was a Whig, and the party's amb ... navigable streams. . . . There cannot justly be any objection to having rail roads and canals."As a Whig, Lincoln supported the Second Bank of the United States, the Illinois State Bank, government-sp ...

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Change in the power of american government

hose the right to not pick it's electors.The governmental power was the most influential during the Whig/Democratic era, from 1840-1850. There were three Presidents that controlled this era. Harrison/ ... ison died during his first months of office, and the Vice President Tyler took over. Harrison was a Whig, and Tyler, was a Whig, but technically a Democrat. Tyler never liked Jackson, so he changed hi ...

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James Polk

erm. But Polk also managed to put together an impressive list of other achievements. He lowered the Whig-inspired tariff of 1842 and restored the Independent Treasury along with other achievements. In ... ntiment to gain wide support at home, opposition nevertheless rested most vocally among New England Whigs and antislavery Americans. They objected to a Manifest Destiny that simply extended American i ...

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parliamentary events. It shall be evaluated here that pressing agitation for reform coincided with Whig ascension to power and the collapse of the Tories, thus inspiring the rigour and vigour of call ... oubtedly critical, more important was its coincidence (or rather, accumulation to the point of) the Whig ascension and the fracturing of the Tory hegemony. The death of Liverpool and the unpopularity ...

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Before 1640, parliament was no

e are two schools of thought concerning parliamentary power and opposition prior to 1640. The older Whig ideal argues that Parliament was indeed powerful, and contained opposition to the government, i ... of all time) were littered with Parliamentary opposition and power struggle. The more viable Whig argument states that Parliament was indeed powerful and contained vast opposition against the C ...

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Florence nightingale 2

s were Fanny and William Nightingale. They were both from England. Her father was a Unitarian and a Whig who was involved in the anti-slavery movement. As a child, Florence was very close to her fathe ...

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Andrew Jackson, The 7th President Of The U.S.

ats of national politics. New parties were soon established; the Democratic Party (Jackson) and the Whig party (Clay). Since the beginning of colonization in the thirteen colonies the American people ...

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Socio-economic Conditions In 18th Century Ireland

in England, religion and politics were closely connected areas of concern.Although fundamentally a Whig, Swift differed from his party on many important issues. Swift was still very much of a Whig bo ... Swift was also a most devoted churchman. Increasingly, he had come to feel that the policies of the Whig ministry ran counter to the best interest of the Church of England, and when the Tories came to ...

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The Life of Abraham Lincoln

tely, however, he was defeated in his first election. Two years later, he ran again, this time as a Whig, and is elected as a representative in the Illinois House of Representatives. (Hickey) He serve ... is term, he was well known for his opposition of slavery and the Mexican-American War as many other Whig party members were. His opposition of the war was not sympathy for Mexico, but an opposition to ...

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Causes of the Civil War

.The changes of political parties took a toll on antebellum America as well. Northern Democrats and Whigs created the Free-Soilers party, who demanded to not end slavery but to prevent it from expandi ... not end slavery but to prevent it from expanding. The Election of 1852 displayed a decline for the Whig party- not only were they spread out so that it was hard to take sides of the North and the Sou ...

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