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Wireless Networking.

tion ["both are based on spread-spectrum radio waves in the 2.4-gigahertz (GHz) range" (Tyson)]. A "Wi-Fi" network, common in businesses, uses the direct-sequence option and complies to the 802.11b st ...

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Wireless Technology

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Case Study: Ubiquitous Learning in Edith Cowan University

ased a number of laptops with pre-installed 802.11a/b/g cards. ECU had previously conducted a pilot Wi-Fi (short for Wireless Fidelity) project comprising 20 802.11b access points in 2003 and, encoura ... re (a unit of area equal to 2.471 acres) coverage, with four to five times improvement over regular Wi-Fi coverage in the number of access pointsSupport for future services, including VoIP roaming and ...

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Wireless Hotspots, current challenges and future directions

power could affect the amount of information transmitted. One very interesting method of connecting Wi-Fi is interoperability with cellular data networks. This would use the cellular network to connec ... e user the burden of carrying or remembering numerous access codes for the many different hotspots. Wi-Fi providers are faced with finding an integrated method of billing customers to use their hotspo ...

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It?s hard to buy a laptop computer today that doesn?t come with a Wi-Fi chip: a built-in radio that lets users surf the Web wirelessly from the boardroom, the bedroom ... lets users surf the Web wirelessly from the boardroom, the bedroom, or the coffee bar. People love Wi-Fi because a single base station?a box with a wired connection to the Internet, such as a DSL, ca ... rs indoors and 400 meters outdoors. But there?s a new technology standard on the way that will make Wi-Fi look feeble. It?s called WiMax, and it provides wireless broadband Internet connections at spe ...

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Buyer Behaviour - Mobile Phone The Latest Technology

r the 2nd generation mobile phones.Finally today 3G mobile phones include cameras, multimedia, mp3, Wi-Fi, etc.Sensory stimulies associated with mobile phones.Sensory stimulies associated with mobile ... bile phonesToday there are so many new features in mobile phones. Some of them are 3.5G technology, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile TV, touch screen, Bluetooth, video recording, camera, etc. 3.5G is faster than 3G ...

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Media Comparative Analysis

mpared to other innovative technologies introduced in telecommunication and media industry, such as Wi-Fi technology. Taking into consideration the increased role of wireless technologies in the moder ... reless technologies in the modern media and telecommunications, such technologies as Bluethooth and Wi-Fi become particularly important.Bluetooth technology provides customers with new opportunities t ...

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longer a major barrier to wide use of wireless information systems. Prior to the advancement of the Wi-Fi technology and the computer networking systems, computer users used only magnetic removable me ... then developed other more-advanced standards based on this specification. This became known as the Wi-Fi standard and this revolutionized the communications system ever since (Burger 2010).There were ...

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mobile phones

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media practices in context

rld of new media technologies which provides us with wireless mass media which is popularly know as Wi-Fi, I agree with the statement that new media technologies is the cause of the irrelevance of tra ...

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Southwest Airlines

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