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An extensive report on how children's speech develops until the age of about ten years old.

ildren acquire their first basic rules of grammar. For example John Berko Gleason's creation of the Wug Test, which was designed as a way to investigate children's acquisition of the plural and other ... ing children. Gleason discovered that when he presented a child with a fictional creature called a 'wug', told the child that there were two of them and then asked the child "there are two...?", child ...

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How do children learn the meaning of words

ords can also refer to learning grammatical rules. This is shown by Berko (1958) who conducted the 'Wug test'. The experiment was used to test if a child had learnt the plural 's' rule and could apply ... 's' rule and could apply it. The child is presented with a picture of a creature and told it is a 'Wug'. They are then presented with two of the creature and asked 'Now there are two. There are two & ...

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