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"Kora" by a Serbian writer Vasko Popa.

a nasred druma (1975), Zivo meso (1975), Vucja so (1975) i Rez (1981). Priredio je i antologije: Od zlata jabuka (1958), Urnebesnik (1960; narodni humor) i Ponocno sunce (1962; narodna snovidjenja).Za ...

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Zalta's Diary: A Child's Life In Sarajevo

Title: Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo Author: Zlata Filipovic Rating: Good Zlata's Diary ... ent, losing her uncle, and having her best friends killed by a bomb while playing in a park. Zlata was an overachiever who would not settle for less than an A. She enjoyed many activities like ... ple activities that were not possible anymore because of the fighting that really upset her. Zlata wrote in her book for two years. It's almost a day by day account of her feeling of life and w ...

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"Zlata's Diary" Essay

eresting to me. I found out about it last year during one of the Book Festivals. The book is called Zlata’s Diary, and it is written by Zlata Filipović. It is from the Memoir/Autobiography g ... n Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war in 1901 through 1903.In the beginning of the book Zlata is a eleven-year-old girl living in Sarajevo. Her life is perfect and she comes from a high-cl ...

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