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Anh Tu Nguyen, Sladjan Ristic


business plan

The Company

The name of our company is LookUp. LookUp is a private limited company and its two owners are CEO Anh Tu Nyugen and CTO Sladjan Ristic. They are the current owners of the company. Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Ristic will be graduating from FH Technikum Wien in 2015.

Our Vision

People will be able to easily use information services in their lives. It will be possible to intuitively control the technology necessary to access and visualize internet data.

The problem

We found that the "last mile to the user" or the process of accessing internet data by the user could be improved. Devices are designed so that users have to look away at a tiny screen or use their hands. This interferes with what our customers actually want to do. They want information on the internet to augment their knowledge about any subject.

The amount of data people have been sharing is big, so the question is how and when to display it.

Our solution

Technology has to be easy to use in order to be able to integrate in people's lives. LookUp solves this by providing a small wearable gadget, which can be used in a "hands-free" manner. Our company will additionally provide service and customization contracts to governments and other large scale buyers.

The Device

Our device consists of a camera, a projector and an intelligent visual recognition software. It is worn at chest level and points away from the user to capture a subject of interest to the user. The product will be offered at various price points using different materials. Higher cost materials will provide low weight and good durability. We will also offer customization of the software.


The most important component of LookUp...