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Olaudah Eqiano was born in 1745 in the village of Essaka, which is now considered eastern Nigeria. When he was eleven he was kidnapped from his home and sold into the evil world of slavery.

The one part of his life that stuck out to me was the fact that he was an intelligent man who was able to make his way out of the environment of slavery. Olaudah was shipped over to the Americas after he was kidnapped. Over there, he worked for many different people. He would make tiny sums of money working and he would save every single penny that he received. He worked up and down the eastern seaboard from Virginia to Barbados. While he was living such a horrible life, he kept thinking that he would never want anyone else to experience the pain that he was going through. After working on the east of the America's, he was shipped over to England.

Here he worked for a man named Captain Pascal. Olaudah kept on saving his money and finally made enough to buy him self out of slavery. This is why he had kept saving all of his money. Not many others where audacious enough to think of this idea.

This man was another example of an African slave who sought his way out of a life of suffering. He had had it tough at times, but he made it out on top .He made a lot of money from a book he wrote and eventually died in 1797, an extremely wealthy man. He made his wealth from his book. He was also an inspiration for others protesting for the abolishment of slavery.